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How do I advertise for a cleaning business?

The most efficient method would be to apply a pre-printed Post-It note to the front door of each house in a targeted geographic area. These could be printed to look like a reminder note to self.... (more)

Where can I find a business coach/advisor?

Great question and it just so happens I can answer that one easily. is my company and as the largest company doing this in the world (1000 offices in 24 countries) I am sure... (more)

What is a good work at home program?

Absolutely it is. Network marketing is a really great way for people to get into business for themselves and start the learning and building process. Remember that networking is where the... (more)

What should my business proposal say?

Starting a business is a great step. And putting together a proposal is obviously about bringing together ideas, people and capital. The proposal should sell your business idea to a potential... (more)

Any tips on factoring my accounts receivable?

Things to consider when looking at factoring receivables include the fees you are going to be paying your factoring company. Factoring companies normally charge higher rates when the receivables... (more)

What's the most user friendly but also cost friendly POS software for a small retail business?

There's many, many POS systems for small businesses. But two that come to mind are Microsoft's POS which works on a variety of hardware. Also, (more)
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