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How Should I Donate Business Sales to Charity?

If you plan to include charitable contributions as a regular part of your business model, you will want to be "transparent" regarding three important issues: Identity, amount and... (more)

Can I Use Another Business's Name?

As they say: "There is nothing new under the sun." So, it should come as no surprise that different people will want to choose the same business name. Generally, as long as no one... (more)

How Should I Analyze a Market?

An easy way to do this is to look at all the categories of quick service/fast food restaurants in your area and see what isn't offered. Then, find out why. Or, if you are offering something... (more)

How Can I Make My Content Go Viral?

I can't say what the market will do when they see your viral content. Then again, what is it that you have that you believe will make it viral? There have been a lot of great products that... (more)

How Much Will It Cost to Launch an E-Commerce Site?

E-commerce website pricing varies widely depending on the level of sophistication you want to have, and e-commerce success often depends on many technology solutions are working together. So, your... (more)

Should I Use Personal Funds to Start a Franchise?

There are lots of sources you can use for funding your franchise. The most common are loans, investors and personal funds. Each has pros and cons and the right answer for you depends on your... (more)

Should I Bring a Mentor into the Business?

This is sort of like asking whether you should marry the person you're dating. That said, if you do a deal like this you better be sure this person is somebody you can live with day in and day out... (more)

What's the Best Way to Find Startup Money?

Seek an advisor first, before you seek an investor. Find someone local with related experience -- maybe an attorney or a counselor at the nearest Small Business Development Center. Check... (more)

Are Franchise Fees Negotiable?

Franchise fees are usually not negotiable but that fact has as much to do with the government's disclosure requirements than it does with a company's unwillingness to bargain. The Federal Trade... (more)

How Can I Market to Decision-Makers?

First, ask yourself: Who are the biggest targets that I want to reach first? Who has the best reputation that will help me tell the rest of the marketplace, "I have earned XYZ, Inc.'s business... (more)

Do I Need a Permit to Have a Sample Sale?

What you're selling is not necessarily the operative question -- it's how you're selling it. If you plan to hold a yard or garage or sample sale, many cities and towns do require that you obtain... (more)

What Ownership Stake Should a Departing Partner Keep?

There is nothing in this realm even remotely as simple as standard practice. There are no simple formulas. This will be a matter of what you and your partner can negotiate. Your question is a... (more)

How Should I Value My Business?

Usually industries have generally accepted formulas as a starting point, and then you adjust for extra factors. In hotels, I went online a searched for "valuation multiples for hotels"... (more)

How Can I Use Social Media to Market My Business?

There a few ways you can do this: 1. Create a fan page. Since you are a business-to-consumer company, you can reach out directly to the kinds of people who like what you are offering. Use the... (more)

How Do I Launch a Promotional Product?

Most of the outlets you've mentioned do have media agencies that represent them. You can try doing a search or reach out to industry publications to find out who the "go to" agency is.... (more)

How Do I Build an Inside Sales Team?

Building an inside team that the field team will appreciate has its challenges. The biggest thing to consider will be the relationship between the two teams. Will it be complimentary or... (more)

Does a Home-Based Business Need a License?

Whenever you work from home, there are a number of legal considerations you will want to explore. The first is whether or not you are "zoned" to work from home. If you own or rent an... (more)

How Do I Have a Prototype Built?

You'd probably need to get the prototype built before you go to a manufacturer, unless you have a previous relationship with a company who is willing to work with you. There a lot of... (more)

How Much Should I Charge for My Service?

You need to work out what your numbers are on the expense side first, then determine what you bring in terms of value to the table to price your services accordingly. Since you are in the... (more)

How Do I Start a Personal Training Business?

Many personal trainers do business under a name other than their own. For example, someone named Angela Smith may want to do business as "Body by Angela" or "Angela Smith Personal... (more)
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