Aliza P. Sherman

Aliza Sherman is a web pioneer, e-entrepreneur and author of eight books, including

PowerTools for Women in Business.

Her work can be found at

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The Value Of E-Mentors

Taking your business online? Get some guidance.
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Keeping Hackers At Bay

Learn to protect yourself from online intruders.
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Protect That Copyright

Keep others from stealing from your site.

Round Two

You're about ready to say good-bye to Business #1 . . . but are you ready to say hello to Business #2?
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Using Online Beta Testers

A quick and easy way to test your site's new features
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So You Want To Sell Online?

Take these issues into consideration before selling online.
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Expanding Your E-Commerce Site: Registration

Going beyond a basic e-commerce site
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Basics Of An E-Commerce Site

Make sure your site has the right e-commerce elements.
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An Affiliate Program Of Your Own

How to set up your own affiliate program
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Turbo Charged With Rich Media

A closer look at rich media and what it means for your site
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Advice From The Front: Clarity, Testing And Excellence

Tips from a pro on creating an online business
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Banner Network Vs. Ad Network

Find out how to get your banner ad on other sites.
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Mailing Lists Made Simple

Get the 411 on setting up mailing lists.
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The 25-Word Perfect Pitch

Use the right words and get the best search results.
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It's a Site, It's a Brand, It's a...

How to use your domain name as a brand
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What Is Permission Marketing?

Get your customer's stamp of approval before sending unsolicited e-mail.
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E-Commerce Bells And Whistles

A few add-ons can do wonders for your site.
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The ABCs Of ASPs

Cut down on your software costs by sharing.
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Web Security 101

Provide customers with peace of mind by letting them know your site is secure.

What's A GIF And A JPEG?

Know what your Web designer is talking about-a simple guide to images.
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Sponsors Vs. Advertisers

Which is which? What's the difference? Find out here.
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Advice For Smooth Web Development

Pay attention to detail and get the site you want.
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Finding A Web Developer

A guide to choosing the right person to create your site
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Choosing The Right Web Developer

Determine which developer is right for the job by taking a look at their work.

Movin' On Up

Facing the decision all entrepreneurs hope to face: Do you take your company to the next level or do you maintain the status quo?
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The Need for Navigation

A simple guide to structuring your site
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Tracking Web Site Traffic

Here's a look at what advertisers look for in hits.
Venture and Angel Investors

Gotta Dance

The founder of Cybergrrl discusses her search for venture capital and offers tips to help you find some of your own.

I Got The Blues

One company's experience with the cash-flow blues and how it lived to sell again

Machines Of Loving Grace

How one company made it through its "tech overload" phase