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Young Entrepreneurs

Find a Niche . . . Create a Business

These teens prove that there are still good business ideas out there.

Creating a Company Culture

How to make your own core values the core of your business

How to Handle the Unexpected

How you deal with crises--big and small--decides how successful your business will be. Are you up to the challenges?

You Can't Do It All

And if you try, your company will suffer the consequences. Here's why delegating responsibility is a must.

How Do You Rate as a Manager?

Take this simple quiz and find out.

Start Planning Now for a Summer Business

If starting a summer business on the side is in your plans, don't wait until the last minute to plan for it.

Flying Solo and Loving It

Want to start a business by yourself? Then check out these businesses for one.

6 Easy Steps to a Winning Press Release

Writing a good release doesn't have to be a mystery. Here's how to make it stand out and get yourself some free publicity.

Permission, Please

You might be your own boss, but you still have to answer to a higher power: the licenses and permits you need to make your business legal.

Should You Go It Alone?

The pros and cons of the sole proprietorship and other legal structures

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

You do. Here are some simple, cash-wise strategies to help you turn your dream into a reality.

If Your First Business Doesn't Succeed . . .

Then it's time to try, try again. Here's how to start over when your biz fails.

What Do Your Customers Think?

Take a survey and find out.

Is Gender an Issue in Your Business?

It might be. But advocating for your business is still the bottom line.

5 Steps to a Great Grand Opening

Give your start-up that extra oomph! by throwing a shindig.

Send Me an Angel...Investor

A heavenly way to raise some cash for your business

Cash in With a Web Site

These 'treps are logging on and finding success online.

Managing Your Cash Flow

Knowing how much is coming into and going out of your business will help you keep your business afloat.

The ABCs of Good Record-Keeping

There's a handsome payoff for getting a handle on your business's finances.

You Can't Do It All!

Not enough hours in the day? Join the club. The solution? Prioritize!

Are You the Entrepreneurial Type?

If you possess these 5 traits of successful entrepreneurs, it's time to quit dreaming and start planning your business.

Got a One-of-a-Kind Idea? Protect it!

You've invented the latest and greatest product. So where do you go from here?

In Business With Your Buddy

Running a business with a friend can be the best--or the worst--thing ever. Here's how to go into business together without putting your friendship on the chopping block.

Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid

One of the best lessons in business is to learn from others' mistakes.

Establishing a Business Bank Account

Why it's important to separate your business and personal assets

Should I Borrow My Start-up Cash?

Financing strategies to help you get the cash you need and get your business going

What's Your Name?

Business name, that is. It's a tougher question than you think.

Move Into the Profit Zone

Good news: You've reached the breakeven point! That means you can start making some serious cash.

Start a Fashion Business

Got an eye for fashion trends? An apparel business could be just your thing.

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

Consider your youth a blessing--it might just be the edge you need to make your business fly.

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