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Hands On

Determining How Franchisors Treat Their Franchisees

Find out by getting the franchisor to answer these five simple questions.

Red-Flag Franchises

Getting a weird feeling about that franchise investment? Check this list of warning signs to see if the company has some strikes against it.
Researching a Franchise

Watch Your Step

Common mistakes prospective franchisees make
Researching a Franchise

How To Spot A Scam

The top 10 warning signs of a shady franchise or business opportunity scam
Franchise Buying Guide

Step By Step

How to find out whether a franchise is right for you
Entrepreneur Magazine

Presidential Secrets

It's time to research some franchises. Grab your UFOCs . . . and your history book?
Franchise Buying Guide

Secondhand Store

Destination: Buying a used franchise? Here's how to make the right moves.
Franchise Zone

Research A Franchise

Is that franchise right for you? Here's a step-by-step overview to help you answer that question.
Franchise Buying Guide

Different Worlds

How to choose between a franchise and a business opportunity

Mystery to Me

Is that a business opportunity you see or just another attempt to grab your cash and run? With a little sleuthing, you can separate the money-makers from the money-takers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Analyze This

Sure, you can buy a franchise in almost any industry you're interested in, but it still pays to take a closer look before you leap.
Researching a Franchise

Getting Answers

Don't let a franchisor's decision not to disclose earnings figures discourage you. There are ways to find out what you need to know.
Franchise Buying Guide

Now You're Cooking

What are the ingredients for franchise success? Our secret recipe for satisfying your entrepreneurial appetite.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Have No Fear

The thought of reading a franchise agreement got you shaking in your boots? Knowing what to expect can make it less intimidating.
Researching a Franchise

A Closer Look

Is that new franchise or biz op a ground-floor opportunity--or a flash in the pan?

Myth vs. Reality

Buying a franchise needn't be scary--once you separate fact from fiction.

Shop Around

Eight steps to choosing the perfect business opportunity
Franchise Buying Guide

World of Opportunity

Franchise, business opportunity or MLM? What you don't know can hurt you. Here's how to choose the entrepreneurial investment that's right for you.
Franchise Buying Guide

Shop, Look & Listen

How to size up a franchise before you buy

Read All About It

Find the answers to your franchise questions in the UFOC.

Q & A

Watch Your Step
Entrepreneur Magazine

Check It Out

How to be a crack gumshoe when investigating a franchise.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Get The Facts

What does business opportunity regulation mean to you?

A Step in the Right Direction

How to find the business opportunity that's best for you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Buying Game

Don't get taken by surprise when purchasing a franchise.

Franchises That Offer Creative Financing

Programs designed to make buying a franchise easy
Entrepreneur Magazine

Reality Check

The 9 things you must know before buying a business opportunity.

The Rebirth Of Business Opportunities

How regulations and smarter consumers have changed the face of opportunity offering

The Future Of Franchising . . . Today!

Five trends that will carry franchising into the 21st century
Entrepreneur Magazine

It's Showtime

Tips for attending a franchise trade show

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