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What's Your Type?

The e-mail font you choose says a lot about you.
Entrepreneur Magazine


We help a 3-pot-a-day java junkie kick his habit-or at least postpone it for a week.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Hail to the (Plastic) Chief!

No recount needed-this presidential doll made her maker a winner.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Cover Girls

Attach magnets to magazine. Await deluge of customers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mo' Monkey

When this cookie company gave out samples, people went ape and sales soared.

Reality Check: The Truth About Starting a Homebased Business

It's your dream, yes, but dreams are rarely wrapped up with a bow and left on your doorstep. You've got some work to do.

Innovation Expert Mark Rice

What you can learn from established companies to inspire innovation in your own company
Entrepreneur Magazine

Away Game

To promote his board game, this entrepreneur had to hit the road.

Author Dr. Noelle Nelson on Attitude

Is your glass half-full or half-empty? If it's the latter, you're putting your goals in jeopardy.

Author Seth Godin

What you need to know about the stock market--in plain English

Travel Expert Chris Elliott

This savvy traveling man shows you how to be a real pro on the go.

Griswold Special Care

Put your people skills to work for you.

Global Marketing Expert Kenn Viselman

This pro's techniques enable small-business owners to stand tall against the corporate Goliaths.

Video Data Services Inc.

Go behind the scenes, and see why video still rules.

Child Shield, U.S.A.

Build a business helping families protect their children.

Management Expert Gary Topchik

Workplace negativity seriously affects you, your employees and your business. Gary Topchik explains what you can do about it.

American Poolplayers Association

Rack 'em up, and rake it in.

Historical Research Center

Profit from your passion for history.

The HomeTeam Inspection Service

With this franchise, no one will think you're a snoop for inspecting houses with a fine-toothed comb.

Jolly Jumps Inc.

Ahhh, to be a kid again. This business opportunity will have you bouncing off the walls.

Cruiseone Inc.

Come sail away with this franchise that has you booking idyllic getaways.

Janzer Architectural Products

Help enhance home exteriors by selling specialty mailboxes and porcelain signs.

Infotainment King

Jim Caldwell's infomercial success has audiences across the globe tuned in.

Entrepreneur Has A Way With Words

Meet one entrepreneur who turned her language skills into a lucrative business.

Crime Stoppers

Hate snoops? You won't when they're working on your side. These three guys pride themselves on being called busybodies when it comes to discovering the truth.
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