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Venture Capital

Fair Game

In hot pursuit of funding? Impress investors at a venture capital fair.
Entrepreneur Magazine

In The Rough

Studies show fast-growing companies across the nation face a crippling capital shortfall. Here's what these firms can do to find the cash they need.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lease Is More

Equipment leasing companies are flush with cash - and they want your business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wired For Cash

If you're seeking capital, the Internet may be your gold mine...someday.
Angel Investors

What's It Worth?

Loan guarantees cost a pretty penny, but they let you round up the capital you need -- often without surrendering equity.
IPOs and DPOs

An Offer You Can't Refuse

If you're looking to raise $1 million or less, an exempt stock offering can help you avoid the hassles of formal IPO registration and get you the money you need.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Perfect Pitch

Still hitting the wrong note with investor presentations? Try these expert tips.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ready, Set...

Be prepared when seeking capital - or you'll never get off the starting block.
Angel Investors

Heaven Sent

Seeking an angel investor? Here's how to find a match made in heaven.
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