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Freelance journalist Chris Penttila has covered employee management and leadership issues for more than a decade. Her work has appeared in a number of publications including Entrepreneur magazine, where she served as a contributing editor and monthly management columnist for ten years.

Penttila has interviewed hundreds of small business owners, consultants, professors and other business experts, and she also draws on her own days as a rank-and-file employee at dysfunctional small companies to give entrepreneurs the straight dope on what employees really think about management. She chronicles workplace and leadership trends on her workplace blog .

Penttila has a Master's degree in Journalism and Communication from the University of Oregon. She resides in the Chapel Hill, N.C. area with her husband, Tom, and their two daughters.

14 Recent Stories

Generational Gyrations

The business cycle gives rise to generations of haves and have-nots: How do "jealous" Gen Xers manage "arrogant" Yers?
April 1, 2001 in Entrepreneur Magazine

The Grinch Who Stole Business

"Glass half empty" people cost you money--here's how to deal with them and prevent negativity from spreading.
March 1, 2001 in Managing Employees

Game Over?

Weekend get-togethers, mandatory participation--boy, your workplace fun is starting to seem like . . . work.
February 1, 2001 in Employment Law

Get Psyched

Psychological testing doesn't have to lead to padded walls and straitjackets-it could lead to smarter hiring decisions.
January 1, 2001 in Hiring Center

Have Dots & Have Nots

The staff at your brick-and-mortar business are jealous of your dotcommers. How can you keep the peace?
January 1, 2001 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Put A Lid On It

If your employees work outside the office, beware: Your competitors are watching.
December 1, 2000 in Motivation and Retention

A Personal Touch

Make the most of your woman-to-woman, employee-to-employee relationships, and you'll make the most of your employees.
November 1, 2000 in Managing Employees

Blurred Vision

Don't expect your employees to be carbon copies of yourself. It takes an owner to have the dedication of an owner.
October 1, 2000 in Managing Employees

It's A Given

Sure, charities and nonprofits benefit from employee volunteer programs, but what about your business?
September 1, 2000 in Motivation and Retention

Hire Calling

Why fill your office with job seekers based on resumes alone? Connect with prospects via the Net and see what they have to offer.
August 1, 2000 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Take A Hike

.or maybe just go outside for a while. Whatever you do, don't drag your staff into that old meeting room for even one more of the stuffy same ol'.
July 1, 2000 in Managing Employees

Testy, Testy

Drug testing: an easy way to keep problem employees out or a cost-ineffective invasion of privacy? Join the debate.
June 1, 2000 in Hiring Center

Actions Speak Loudest

Sinner? Saint? All eyes are on you, and your employees will pass judgment.
May 1, 2000 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Who Knows?

Employees come and go, but how do you get their knowledge to stick around?
April 1, 2000 in Motivation and Retention
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