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Chris Penttila is a Washington, DC-based freelance journalist who covers workplace issues on her blog,

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Lead Buzz 08/05

Redefining medical leave, unhappy employees and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Homing In

The call center may become a thing of the past--home-shoring is poised to make its mark on the economy. What's in it for you?
Employment Law

Monitoring Your Staff's Personal Habits

Controversy heats up over off-the-clock regulation.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lead Buzz 07/05

FACTA explained, pregnancy discrimination and more
Management & Operations

Bartering in Business

Barter is back in style and spanning the globe. Here's what you need to know to become the master of your exchange.

Corporate Raider

A joint venture with a big company sounds great -- until they back out and take your idea with them.
Growing Your Business

Stop, Thief!

A joint venture with a big company sounds like a dream--until the company backs out, takes your idea with it and leaves you in the dust.

What Lies Beneath

Today's consumers no longer fit into yesterday's molds. Here's how to get a grip on the new demographics--and get inside your customers' heads.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Passing the Buck

If you're asking employees to manage their own benefits, you could be asking for trouble.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lead Buzz 05/05

A "booming" workforce, the importance of "vision" and more

Inside Job

Need a fresh perspective on projects, markets and more? Chances are, the answers you need are right under your roof.

Five Magic Markets

Learn tricks for getting in tune with today's five hottest consumer markets, and watch your profits soar.
Entrepreneur Magazine

All the Rage

Angry consumers are using the internet to get revenge. How can you keep them happy?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lead Buzz 04/05

Sexual harassment training, biometric employee tracking and more

Innovating With Fresh Ideas

R&D is being neglected in too many companies. Here's how to ensure your product pipeline is flowing with imaginative and innovative ideas.

Managing the 'Lone Wolf'

Have an employee who's not a team player? It is possible to deal with loners in a way that makes everyone happy.
Family Business

Helping the Family Business Grow

Can a newcomer revitalize a family business--without igniting a family feud? Learn from 3 entrepreneurs who did just that.
Entrepreneur Magazine

State Your Case

Many states are luring small businesses with big promises--so what's in it for you?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lead Buzz 03/05

Well-written business documents, leadership qualities and more

How to Stop Passing the Blame Buck

Playing the blame game is out. More CEOs are taking responsibility for their actions--and building stronger businesses as a result.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Management Buzz 02/05

Employee auctions, the value of employee reviews and more
Managing Employees

Lower Your Employee Expectations

Are your first impressions of new hires forcing them out the door? Then it's time to open your eyes.
Hiring Center

Peering In

Peer-to-peer interviews give you a closer look at how prospective employees will get along with your staff--but be careful whom you introduce them to.
Entrepreneur Magazine

It's All in Your Head

Feeling optimistic or pessimistic about the state of the economy? Uncertain times like these can really mess with your mind. Here's what other entrepreneurs are doing to keep it together--and keep mov
Entrepreneur Magazine

Management Buzz 12/04

Rewarding top-rung employees, the work/life balance and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

By Degrees

You can show highly educated employees the corporate ropes--but you'd better do it step by step.

Taking Advantage of Trends to Start a Biz

Jumping on a hot trend can be a great way to launch your biz. Find out how to tell a biz-boosting trend from a passing fad!

Easy Steps to Startup

Everything has its place, especially when launching a biz. But what comes first? Here's what the experts say.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Backward Thinking

Reverse auctions could help you get more contracts.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Management Buzz 11/04

Ombudsmen programs, executive wishes and more

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