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Chris Penttila is a Washington, DC-based freelance journalist who covers workplace issues on her blog,

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Souped Up

Get your start-up running at peak performance levels with our 20-point tuneup.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Hiring Hardships

The economy may have taken a dive, but that didn't make the talent pool any deeper.
Managing Employees

Muddled Middle

Good or bad, slackers and stars are stealing attention from everyone in between.
Managing Employees

The Late Show

Does it seem like your employee's procrastination problem is in repeats? It's time to find a solution or say your goodbyes.
Entrepreneur Magazine

How Embarrassing!

Highly publicized dry spells are poor recruitment tools. Will anybody decent ever want to work for you again?

Still Playing With Toys?

Your interest in the toy industry survived the recession. Now how do you make the most of the recovery?

How's Your Health?

When health care is healthy, it's the industry to be in--and the current chaos in the sector may be the opening you need.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Can You Believe It?

How to tell the difference between a resume con and a typical dotcom

That's Not Cool

Your brand has left the list of must-haves and is headed toward the list of things people wouldn't be caught dead with. How do you turn it around?
Managing Employees

On Their Own

Give your independent thinkers space--but not enough to get lost in.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wholesell Changes

One look at the marketing methods in play when this magazine started and you'll wonder how anything ever got sold. One look at the future and you might see products selling themselves.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Missed Mission

Watch out! If your mission statement is a joke, Enron may be the punchline.
Motivation and Retention

Keep the Faithful

Is it better to cut positions or just salaries? . . . and carry the eight . . . wait, stop calculating and think of employee morale.
Hiring Center

Playing e-Detective

Checking out applicants online can save you trouble--and get you into it.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Security Blanket

Terrorists changed your employees. It's up to you to provide the nurturing.

Worst-Case Scenario

How would your business take a September 11-level tragedy? Only the best preparation can ensure it rises from the rubble.
Managing Employees

New Management

It's your way or the highway, right? So how do you get that manager you just hired not to hit the next on-ramp?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Who's Paying?

Should you choose to pay your employees a "living wage" today? Tomorrow, the decision may not be yours to make.
Legal Center

"I'll See You in Court!"

Investors don't just cut their losses and go home anymore-now they call their lawyers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Swimming in IT

Surveys show your techies are up to their necks in work and going under. Toss 'em a life raft or something, will ya?
Managing Employees

Control Issues

Is one of your employees building an empire right under your nose?

Brand Awareness

Wake up! Your brand isn't your savior, and all the goofy ads in the world won't save your company. What can? Well...have you given good business a try?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Staff Overhaul

Should you use the tight job market to replace mediocre employees?
Managing Employees

Just Doing Their Jobs

What do you do with the employee who says "That's not my job"?
Managing Employees

When Ignorance Isn't Bliss

What do you do with an employee who is incompetent but can't see it?
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Outsiders

The number of free agents has grown, but is a backlash looming?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Way Out There?

Is telecommuting the office of the future or just a bad idea that comes and goes?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Take My IPO . . . Please!

Your public offering is dead in the water, and it doesn't look like the market will save it anytime soon. Now what?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ad It Up

Are you gonna make 'em laugh? Cry? Run and hide? Your advertising strategy makes all the difference.
Managing Employees

Tough Customers

Don't let "service with a smile" leave your employees with frowns.

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