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Entrepreneur Magazine

Mutual Benefits

An employee stock ownership plan lets you take some cash out of your company while giving your workers a stake in the business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Set Sale

With interest rates at an ebb, M&A activity is on the rise. Is now the right time for you to jump in and catch the wave?

Passing Your Business To Your Heirs

If you want your descendants to save on inheritance taxes find out why now's a good time to start handing over the family business.

Financing Your Radical Concept

Is your company's concept so cutting edge that investors won't touch it? Here's how to get their attention--and their money.
Entrepreneur Magazine

You Be the Judge

Are tax incentives to attract businesses unconstitutional?
Cash Flow & Money Management

Keeping Track of Your Credit Score

It's time to give your credit report its annual checkup. If you find any bugs, kill 'em fast to help keep your business nice and healthy.
Selling Your Biz

Determining Your Company's Value

If you want to get the right valuation for your business, be sure to find the right valuation expert for the job.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Closing the GAAP

Will small, private companies finally get their own accounting standards? Many entrepreneurs certainly hope so.
Growth Strategies

Complying With Government Regulations

Implementing Sarbox-style strategic governance changes can help small businesses woo---and win---more big customers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Give and Receive

When done right, corporate charitable giving can boost company morale and exposure--as well as your bottom line.

Banking Online

Entrepreneurs have been slow to adopt online banking--with good reason. But some banks are trying hard to win them over.

Time to Raise Prices?

To keep up with rising energy and benefit costs, more small businesses are raising prices. What it means for you.
Cash Flow & Money Management

Is It Time to Raise Prices?

To keep up with increasing costs--and big competitors' prices--more small businesses are pulling the trigger on the pricing gun.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Just Say No?

More big companies are refusing to give Wall Street quarterly earnings guidance. Should small firms jump on the bandwagon, too?

Can Social Networking Sites Help Your Biz?

Social networking sites offer entrepreneurs a chance to connect with investors, potential partners and customers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Booting the Big 4

Tired of sky-high fees and skimpy service? Smaller audit firms can give you the personalized and professional attention you're seeking.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Piece of the Pie

If your industry's facing consolidation, forming your own holding company may keep your business from getting swept up by the big guys.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Strike a Match

Offering company stock in your 401(k) plan can be risky business--learn how to avoid getting burned when playing with matches.
International Growth

What to Know Before You Export

Small businesses need better education, access to finances and forward thinking to begin exporting products to overseas markets.
Entrepreneur Magazine

New Way to 7(a)

With no more federal subsidy, entrepreneurs are uncertain about the future of small-business loans.
Cash Flow & Money Management

Credit Card Rewards

Reap rewards automatically when you use credit--or debit--cards to pay recurring bills.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Class Act

Whether in an MBA program or an online course, hitting the books can help you stay on top.

House of Plastic

Thinking of charging your startup costs? Here are the pros and cons of using credit cards to finance your biz.

Should You Offer Credit Terms?

Extending credit to your customers can be a boon to your business, but only if you do it wisely.

Know Where Your Cash Is?

Feel like your cash only flows in one direction -- out? These cash-flow tips will help you get back in control.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Loan Time

With small-business lending up across the board, now's a great time to get the capital you need.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Minority Report

VC firms are becoming more diverse--but does that mean more funding for minority-owned businesses?

Relief Valve?

Done right, a private investment in public equity, or PIPE, could bring your business much-needed cash.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Raise Your Voice

A new committee promises to give small businesses a say in accounting standards. But will it help?
Cash Flow & Money Management

Money to Burn?

Before you go on a spending spree with your surplus cash, get your priorities straight.

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