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Cash Flow & Money Management

Catch Your Cash

If it feels like your cash only flows in one direction--out--then cash-management basics can help.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ready, Set, Flow

Optimistic entrepreneurs are testing the VC waters now that the market's future looks brighter.
Offering Credit

Give 'Em Credit

Extending credit to your customers can be a boon to your business, but only if you do it wisely.
Investment Options

The Cons of Convertible Bond Investing

Convertible bonds are still in vogue, but proceed with caution around the bend.

On Bended Knee

Will that big-name client end up making—or breaking—your business?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Going Private?

For companies tired of taking a beating in the market, deregistration may be a temporary shelter in the storm.

Going Public

A reverse merger may be the fast way to take your business public, but is it for you?
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Fair Trade

Find out how to barter the right way--and avoid the practices that will land you in hot water.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Got Leverage?

If you're ready to sell, you've got the upper hand. Large buyout firms will be looking to entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Makeover Magic

The SBA may give its underused 504 loan program a face lift. How will that help you?
SBA and Government Funding

Caps Off to You!

More small-business opportunities can flow freely now that the SBA has finally removed its 7(a) loan cap.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ray of Hope?

VCs are optimistic about the coming year but are still holding on to their purse strings.
Cash Flow & Money Management

Number Rustling

Feel like your accounting is getting out of control? Rein it in with the right software.
Billing and Collections

Vulture Capital

You can't beat the big creditors to the bones of a bankrupt client, so what do you do?

Plastic Rap

The pros and cons of the latest trend--using credit cards to finance your business
Venture Capital

No Mercy

Are VCs sucking the life out of your business? Maybe you're better off without them.
Cash Flow & Money Management

There's No Hiding It

All the cool companies are expensing their options. Can your business survive without that extra earnings padding?
Cash Flow & Money Management

Big Shots

Are your chances of landing a big accounting firm following Enron down the drain?
Human Resources

Woe Is the CFO

These days, CFO may have more responsibility than the acronym was meant to handle. Does yours have what it takes to handle the scrutiny and the pressure?
Cash Flow & Money Management

Take This Hand

Banks are looking to find a nice entrepreneur and settle down.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Out of Reach

Could proposed 401(k) overhauls put small-business owners in over their heads?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Show and Tell

A new act sheds some light on small-business lending to keep discrimination in check.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Springing Back

It's not a mirage. The end to the long VC investment dry spell is within your reach.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Money Buzz 04/02

How number-crunching could predict business success, a solution to low-worth stock options, and the value of "Patriot Bonds"

(W)inner City

When it comes to untapped entrepreneurial potential, the city's where it's at.
Venture Capital

In-Out Privileges

Is your business a revolving door for limited partners? As long as the money is there, don't worry if they come and go as they please.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Money Buzz 11/01

Smart stock tips in a bear market and a new private placement exchange for businesses seeking capital
Human Resources

Pay Up

When the minimum wage rises, will small businesses get the downside?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Money Buzz 10/01

What to do to protect yourself from check fraud, the ins and outs of variable rate credit cards and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Money Buzz 9/01

The consequences of the new estate tax law and the benefits of syndicated lending

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