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Danielle Babb


Dani Babb , Ph.D., is the founder of The Babb Group , a consumer advocate, an author, and a professor committed to helping individuals conquer their fears of the marketplace and live their dreams and passions. Dani is the go-to expert for helping investors in the real estate market, helping individuals break into the world of online teaching as entrepreneurs, and small business owners start, grow and expand their business.

Babb is a media analyst and regular guest for several networks and over 15 national and international shows, including Fox Business Network, Fox News Channel, CNBC, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and others. Dani spends two hours each Saturday on Fox Business's Your Questions Your Money helping entrepreneurs solve their business problems, motivate them into starting a new business and helping them expand their existing one. Babb teachers at several universities and is the Dean of Business for Andrew Jackson University where she helps learners understand how business and the marketplace affect their personal bottom line. Most importantly, she helps them persevere over market conditions to make their dreams come true.

Babb is regularly cited and quoted in SmartMoney, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Detroit Free Press and many other publications, and is a contributing author to where she helps military and military spouses guide their way through the market to realize their dreams. Babb is the author of seven books on real estate, entrepreneurship and teaching online as an entrepreneur. Babb's books are: Commissions at Risk (2006), Make Money Teaching Online (2006), Real Estate v2.0 (2007), Finding Foreclosures (2008), The Accidental Landlord (2008), The Accidental Startup (2009) and The Online Professor's Practical Guide to Starting an Internet Business (2009).Prior to her work helping people reach their goals, she was an Information Technologist (IT), which is woven into much of her work today using the Internet. She has taught for over 15 years, and has been a network engineer to senior IT leader for over 2 decades.

For information on books, media appearances, free how-to articles and advice, television spots, forums to communicate with others that share the same interests, live-chat with other web site users or to contact Babb, visit .

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