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Entrepreneur Magazine

Start From the Bottom

Learn how to be a franchisor by beginning as a franchisee.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New

Putting signage on shirts is a cinch for Sign-a-Rama's founder.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Scenic Route

She's seeing profits showing drivers things they haven't seen before.
Magazine A Voice for TV Fans

Giving viewers a way to speak up about their favorite shows before they're given the ax

Colors on Parade

Whether it's driving a van or driving sales, you won't be easily bored with this opportunity.

Decor & You

Put your interior decorating know-how to good use by helping clients transform their living space.
Franchise Zone

Researching Essentials

What's the most important factor to consider when selecting a franchise? Our experts speak out.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Changing demographics and the economy are helping ensure a rosy prognosis for health franchises.
One on One

Opening Day Delay

For these Smoothie King franchisees, the road from contract to opening day gets bumpy.
Big Idea

Special Delivery

Picurro Pizzeria finds the perfect way to promote its pizzerias and help the environment.
Franchise Zone

And Now For Something Different

With its unique concept, The Melting Pot is not just your average restaurant franchise.
Day In The Life

Keeping Tabs

A Bevinco franchisee provides a specialized service helping bar owners maximize profits.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bet the Franchise

What does the future hold for international franchising? Don't let the economy's naysayers dissuade you--our money's on growth.

Online Educational Software for Kids

Keeping kids interested in learning isn't easy, but this entrepreneur found a way to do it—and parents are loving it.

Checkmate Systems

For these entrepreneurs, starting a business wasn't about who they knew, but what they knew.

1-800-Party Shops

Who says you can't party while you're running a business?
Franchise 500

What Is It Like to Be a Subway Franchisee?

A young franchisee hooks up with this year's #1 franchise. We get his behind-the-scenes story.

Stepping Up to Bat

A Taco Time franchisee gives high school students the chance to direct a commercial.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Vast Improvement

You can't argue against a market that comprises 70 percent of Americans.
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Strings Attached

We could spout the numbers all day, but you already know wireless is rising untethered.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Coming On Strong

Don't call them also-rans. These 5 franchise industries are burning up the track.

Burning Questions

We asked everything you'd ever want to ask, and these franchisees had the answers.
Franchise Buying Guide

In Capital Letters

There are three things you simply have to know before financing a franchise: S-B-A.
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Whammies!

Winning $10,000 on a game show is a good cure for cold feet about buying a franchise.

Tattoo Safety Cards for Kids

This company's tattoos keep kids out of harm's way.
One on One

Divine Inspiration

A moment of revelation leads a church to open its own McDonald's.
Day In The Life

Grand Opening!

Follow two Country Clutter franchisees through their first day in business.
Franchise Zone

Why Mentoring Programs Work

Express Personnel Services finds the best teachers are current franchisees.

Nip and Tuck

To keep up with competition and changing tastes, franchises are renovating their locations and changing their menus.
Big Idea

Getting Connected With Wireless Customers

A new partnership brings wireless Web users through Blimpie's doors.
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