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Product Development

Help For Newcomers

Ideas for developing a prototype
Distribution and Licensing

Stay Tuned

Direct-response industry magazine: Response
Product Development

Toy With It

Advice from an experienced toy inventor about coming up with and developing your ideas
Marketing Your Invention

Get Noticed

If it's not distinctive, it won't sell.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What Price Technology?

An inexpensive way to introduce your new product
Marketing Your Invention


So you've got a new product and know just who to market it to. Here's what to do next.
Finding Distributors

Who Needs 'Em?

Traditional retailers are no longer the only game in town.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Here's Your Chance

Inventors go toy-to-toy for development dollars.
Protecting Your Idea

Just Do It

Putting off applying for that patent? You may regret it later.
Protecting Your Idea

Patent Lather

When you create a product with broad commercial potential, be sure to protect your interests by patenting the products in a way that keeps the competition at bay.
Protecting Your Idea

PTO Clues

Our expert answers your common patent questions.
Entrepreneur Magazine

You Want The Truth?

If you can handle it, Wal-Mart's panel of experts will tell you how good your invention really is.
Protecting Your Idea

In Your Face

Cosmetic creators
Entrepreneur Magazine

Break The Chain

Need an audience for your latest invention? Skip the giant retail chains-mail-order catalogs might do a better job of hitting your target.
Entrepreneur Magazine

It's The Law

How does the new budget act affect your patent?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Powerful Partners

Why do it yourself when you can have someone else market your invention?

New Dimensions

Fitness equipment inventor
Marketing Your Invention

Right Hair, Right Now

Hair product inventor
Entrepreneur Magazine

Show And Tell

Don't expect things to happen from your dusty garage--bring your invention into the limelight.
Product Development

Lights, Car, Action

Neon products inventor

Your Big Chance

Web site for inventors
Entrepreneur Magazine

Better With Age

There's nothing new under the sun that doesn't scare retailers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Test The Waters

Ready to roll with your great idea? Don't make the leap 'til you know what you're getting into.

Something Old, Something New

Partner up.

Music For The Masses

Orchestrating the transition from small inventor to big business

French Twist

Take a bite out of the food market

The Idea Man

Got big ideas? Make money the easy way: Sell them to others.

Rookie Rules

Scoring a small distributor
Product Development

Think Fast

Cash in on fads
Marketing Your Invention

No Time? No Problem

You're never too busy to private label.

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