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Dr. David G. Javitch


David G. Javitch, Ph.D. , is an organizational psychologist and president of Javitch Associates , an organizational consulting firm in Newton, Massachusetts. With more than 20 years of experience working with executives among various industries, he is an internationally recognized author, keynote speaker and consultant on key management and leadership issues. Dr. Javitch utilizes field-proven managerial and psychological methods to increase organizational success. His unique approach focuses on employee development to ensure organizational success.

Fluent in French, Dr. Javitch earned his doctorate in counseling and psychology in 1977 from Ohio State University and maintains an active national and international training and consulting practice. As a faculty member at both Harvard University and Boston University, he was named Most Inspirational Instructor by The Harvard School of Public Health and has received the Excellence in Teaching award at Boston University four times. He is also a visiting professor at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. He has spoken to audiences through the continental United States as well as in the Caribbean, Europe and Israel and also completed a consulting and training project in Serbia sponsored by the European Union.

Dr. Javitch has published written works that include Back to Basics: Let's Look for Success; Task Force/Project Management: A Guide to Managers on the Line; Power Up: Influential Leadership; and Five Steps to Influence: How to Achieve Power in a Power Driven Society.

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