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Under Lock And Key

Employees know secrets their former bosses don't want them sharing.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Census 2000 could make EEOC compliance more difficult.
Entrepreneur Magazine

When Dust Attacks

Workplace-related asthma is nothing to wheeze at.
Managing Employees


Stop disgruntled employees from destroying your business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Talent Scout

When recruiting, look to merger survivors-not their laid-off brethren.

A Franchise of Her Own

Meet a few exceptions to the rule that women just don't do franchising--and why don't they anyway?

Book It

Need great employees? Run-don't walk-to your nearest school.
Employment Law

Mean Mail

You got someone else's mail-and it says you're a meathead.
Protecting Your Idea

It's a Secret

So keep it that way--protect your proprietary information.

Poor Health

If you're waiting on the government or anyone else to do something about the rising costs of health benefits, face facts: If you want costs cut right, you have to cut them yourself.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Desperate Times

...do not call for desperate measures--pick employees carefully.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Woman's Wage

...is three quarters a man's wage--and Uncle Sam says that ain't right.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Checking IDs

What's in Mom's maiden name? Big bucks for crooks
Entrepreneur Magazine

Loud And Clear

Small and inconsequential as you may think you are, your voice can be heard in Washington.
Entrepreneur Magazine

WKR-Small Business

On the nation's radios, entrepreneurs are finally in the spotlight.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mediocre Middle Management

Good employees leaving? It may be your manager.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Exit Signs

Two-weeks notice shouldn't be your first hint that employees are looking elsewhere.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ask Away

Interviewing? Get the answers you need without having to ask the tough questions.
Entrepreneur Magazine


ABCs are elementary. E? That's a job for a specialized university program.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fliers Away

Reach potential employees any way you can.
Entrepreneur Magazine

David V. Goliath

Inventors invent. Big companies steal. And you can't fight it because you don't have the money to win--or can you?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Friends 4-Ever

Say goodbye, but not good riddance. You may still have a use for those ex-employees.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Play It Safe

Find out what OSHA thinks of your business before you're inspected.
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