Geoff Williams

Geoff Williams has written for numerous publications, including Entrepreneur, Consumer Reports, LIFE and Entertainment Weekly. He also is the author of Living Well with Bad Credit.

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Second Gig

Some entrepreneurs have to weigh the needs of the brand againist the needs of the band.

The Socially Responsible Entrepreneur

Doesn't funneling all your cash into business growth get a little old after a while?
Management & Operations

Pick Your Spot

Just because you can get a good deal doesn't mean that Swampland is a good location for your business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Whale Watching

If you have an employee named Shamu, you may already know this stuff. Otherwise, read on.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Class of '77

We aren't the only business that's taking a look back at its first quarter-century.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Oh, Great

If anybody can point us in the direction of greatness, our money is on this guy.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Keep It Coming

Step 1: Start a business. Step 2: Fail. Step 3: Start a business. Repeat as necessary.

Game of Risk

If you see the words "caution" or "careful" in your entrepreneurial rulebook, you're reading it wrong.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Among Friends

How do you make customers comfortable enough to buy? Give 'em an online community.
Entrepreneur Magazine

As Seen on TV

Mark Burnett knows a little something about survival. Listen up, and you will, too.
Entrepreneur Magazine

9/11 Call

When crisis hit, business owners answered.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Wrap your brain around Nathan Myhrvold's theory of the exponential economy.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Follow the Flight Plan

Learning to fly can teach you everything you need to help your business take off.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Barduous Journey

Looking for answers on the toilsome path of running a business? Ask Shakespeare.
Entrepreneur Magazine

I've Got an Idea!

You can get one, too, if you just learn to brainstorm a little more like Doug Hall.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Shut Up, Already!

A surefire way to learn the value of listening: Give the incessant chatter a break.
Growing Your Business

Get in the Ring

A weak economy can make you strong-if you've got the guts to go in for the kill.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mind Games

Peek inside your head and see how your mentality is affecting your business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

100 Million Dollars Baked in a Pie

Who'd have thought you could rack up millions with a veggie pot pie? Discover the recipe for success, straight from Amy's Kitchen.

Fashionably Late

After years of searching for expansion capital, this fashion designer has realized that it was just a matter of style.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Evil EntreKnievel

This side of the chasm: a few geeky clients. The other side: everybody. Ready to jump?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Makes No Difference

Today's big companies brew individualism in big, big vats. Do consumers really buy it?
Venture Capital

Supersize It

Not all big corporations are out to get you-some want to help.
Tips from Experts

Tall Sales

No lumberjack, big blue ox or steel-driving man here, but would you settle for a sales team that can push its numbers from $18 million to $50 million in only five years? Here's how they did it.
Entrepreneur Magazine

An Expert Opinion

Think you know something? Prove it to the world as a frequently quoted expert.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Seasoned Greetings

Good morning. Welcome to Entrepreneur magazine . . . sorry, needed some practice.
Entrepreneur Magazine

It's Lies! All Lies!

Those legendary business stories could be just that.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bring Out Your Dead!

As the dotcom boom goes up in smoke, meet a guy who's profiting from the fire sale.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Irish Spring

Washing away the stereotype of the elderly drinker, Riannon Walsh's old-style whiskey cleans up with Gen Xers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Absolut Investment

With grant money from the vodka-maker, a dream is now half fulfilled.

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