Gwen Moran

Gwen Moran

Gwen Moran is a freelance writer and co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Plans (Alpha, 2010).

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Young Entrepreneurs

Should You Videotape Employees?

Is monitoring employees with cameras worth it?
Entrepreneur Magazine

#1 Source of Brand

The best marketing slogans of today--and all time
Entrepreneur Magazine

It's Better to Give

Rack up sales with a wildly generous promotion.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Listen and Learn

Wonder what customers really want? Just ask them.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Buzz Skill

Psst! Have you heard about BzzAgent? Find out why this company is on everybody's lips.
Entrepreneur Magazine

On the Lookout

Paying attention to trends can pay off for your store.

Expanding to eBay

Boost both retail and e-tail sales by posting your products on eBay.

What's In Store?

Want to start your own retail business? Get ahead of the game with insight into these four latest in-store trends.

12 Media Myths That Can Sink Your PR Plan

Don't let these 12 media myths kill your public relations plan. Here's what you need to know to get media-savvy -- fast.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's In Store?

Get ahead of the game with the latest retail trends.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Sell Buzz 09/05

Advertising on blogs, mudflaps, taxis and more
Selling Online

Expand Your Retail Biz on eBay

Ready to expand? Turn to eBay to ramp up your sales--no matter what kind of business you own.
Public Relations

12 PR Myths--Busted!

Are these 12 media myths killing your public relations plan? Find out how to get media-savvy--fast.
Apps & Software

Tech It Out

Get more from your store with a software solution.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Sell Buzz 08/05

Sell your stuff at parties, online advertising and more

Military Detail

Can your business tap in to the huge market of armed forces members and their families?
Marketing Ideas

Peas in a Podcast

Spread the word about your business with this new medium.
Marketing Ideas

Special Delivery

Drive sales by offering stellar delivery services.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Sell Buzz 07/05

Honest marketing, free stuff for small businesses and more

Podcast News

Want a new way to spread the word about your biz? The medium of podcasting is an intriguing option.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Traffic Signals

New guidelines could give a clearer measure of web traffic.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Good Life

No marketing campaign was necessary for these purveyors of positively charged t-shirts.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lend a brand

How lesser-known brands help win customers' trust
Entrepreneur Magazine

Sell Buzz 06/05

Marketing blogs, broadcasting your expertise and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Act Now!

Quick--add urgency to your marketing, and watch your sales take off.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Sell Buzz 05/05

Measuring marketing success, smart giveaways and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Show on the Road

How do you overcome a ban on your product? Take to the streets, and educate consumers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fast Forward

Take a peek at the high-tech future of retailing.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Sell Buzz 04/05

Promotional booklets, telemarketing's alive and kicking, and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Whistle Shop

Turn your store into a destination by making shopping an event.

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