Gwen Moran

Gwen Moran

Gwen Moran is a freelance writer and co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Plans (Alpha, 2010).

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Marketing Buzz 02/04

High-speed networking and high-energy branding
Marketing Ideas

Can't Beat These Receipts

Use register read-outs as a promotional tool
Marketing Ideas

Promoting for Pennies

Marketing costs weighing you down? Here are 20 creative ways to boost business without breaking the bank.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 12/03

Get what you pay for with pay-for-placement PR.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Top Dollar

The lure of the "less than a buck" stores

Military Detail

Can your business tap in to the huge market of armed forces members and their families?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 12/03

The golden state bans unsolicited e-mail.
Entrepreneur Magazine

In the Spotlight

Choosing products for ad campaigns
Entrepreneur Magazine

Retail Ready

How will sci-fi technology streamline your store sales?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 11/03

The power of PR
Marketing Ideas

But Wait, There's More

The benefits of "gift with purchase"
Franchise Zone


Home-Based Franchises Could Be Right for You
Marketing Ideas

Now They Know

Getting word of your business out on the street is worth any price, but with these 7 marketing techniques, it's actually pretty cheap.
Management & Operations

Green Eggs & Scam

17 business scams--from telephone trickery to Web wrongdoing--to avoid at all costs
Public Relations

Marketing Buzz 10/01

Making the most of industry awards and tightening the restrictions on cold calling
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 8/01

Visual newsletters and staying updated on customer orders
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 6/01

Quick and easy ads from online providers and daddies as a target market
Entrepreneur Magazine


You are now free to sell about the cabin.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Go Crazy

Maniacal marketing made easy
Entrepreneur Magazine

Postage Paid

Five ways to save money on mailings

Sponsorships Beyond Sports Arenas

Send your marketing efforts back to school.
Tips from Experts

Pricing Perils

Should you lower prices to lure new business?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Between The Lines

You may be using subliminal advertising and not even know it.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Straight To Video

Satellites beaming your product to retailers everywhere
Entrepreneur Magazine

Now In Theaters

Creative marketers take to the silver screen.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Magic Touch

High-tech kiosks let you interact with customers in real time.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Power Lines

Wire services help you get the word out.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Profiler

Do you know your customers? This ASP gets personal.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Make Headlines

You might if you build a business profile.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Got Style?

Looks are everything when it comes to your corporate identity.

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