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Love Where You Work

When considering a business location, think about more than regulations.
Human Resources

Location Is Key

Labor cost isn't everything when it comes to a location for your business
Entrepreneur Magazine

Deal Finder

Even in a tough real estate market, stay focused on your business plan when making relocation decisions.

Scene and Be Seen

Get your listing in the spotlight with product visuals that shine and other star-studded features.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Room to Grow

Sometimes the best move your homebased business can make is into an office.
Entrepreneur Magazine

That's Life

For most entrepreneurs, quality of life will be a key consideration in any relocation decision.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Health Nuts and Bolts

Don't be afraid to spoon-feed your employees tips about proper diet.
Entrepreneur Magazine

On Guard!

The day after his chemical company was burglarized, Don Anderson had an alarm system, new locks and extra lighting installed. He has not had a problem in the seven years since.
Entrepreneur Magazine

And the Winners Are . . .

In a perfect world, business growth would be smooth, easy to manage and even easier to pay for. But in the real world, it's a frustrating, challenging, bumpy road littered with "if onlys" and "if we j
Entrepreneur Magazine

When Your Equipment Breaks Down

If it has moving parts or electronic components, it can break. And if it breaks unexpectedly, you can bet that it won't happen at a convenient time--and that it will cost you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bouncing Back

Eric Morgan, president of Morgan + Co., never thought his New Orleans-based media company would be unable to operate due to a catastrophe.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Suit Yourself

Protect your company from employee lawsuits.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Small Business Owners Risk Identity Theft

Insuring your identity makes it easier to get it back.

Checks And Balances

Should you outsource payroll?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Terror Target?

Find out if you need coverage in case of a terrorist attack.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Play It Safe

Look after employees' off-the-job health, too.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Got It Covered?

Don't take chances--know what your policy covers.

A Sure Bet

Promotions insurance keeps you covered despite the odds.

Is Your Business Insurance Meeting Your Needs?

Give your business insurance its annual checkup.

The New Life Insurance Alternative

ROP life insurance refunds your premiums.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Apology Accepted

E&O insurance can help make up for mistakes.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Cover Your Assets

Supplement your coverage with an umbrella policy.

Offering an Employee Assistance Program

The right EAP is good for employees--and for you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Party Time

Here's how to play it safe at holiday gatherings.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Don't Get Cut Off

Will your D&O coverage be there when you need it?
Management & Operations

Leasing Vs. Buying Office Space

Should you continue leasing or buy a building?
Management & Operations

Ready to Move?

Tips for successfully moving your company
Management & Operations

Moving to New Office Space

What to look in new office space
Management & Operations

Auditing Your Rent Statement

Auditing your rent statement

Do You Need a Life Insurance Policy for You or Key Employees?

Ensure company longevity with life insurance policies.
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