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Managing Employees

Fathers Figure

Don't forget men when setting work/family policies for your business.
Hiring Center

Setting Up a Referral Bonus Program

Offering referral bonuses can help you nab better employees.
Employment Law

Preventing Workplace Accidents

...but employees can help prevent them.
Motivation and Retention

Motivating Your Lower Level Staff

How to get the most from your minimum-wage employees
Motivation and Retention

Generating Employee Feedback

Encourage employees to share their ideas.
Compensation and Benefits

Joining a Credit Union

Signing up with a credit union
Payments & Collections

Get What's Owed You From Bankrupt Customers

If your client goes bankrupt, you could be the one to lose.
Financial Analysis

Damage Control

Prepare yourself for an emergency cash crunch.
Billing and Collections

Stopping Unauthorized Discounts

Customers who wrongly take discounts on invoices
Compensation and Benefits

Adding Long-Term Care Insurance

Consider offering employees long-term care insurance.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Honesty Pays

Insurance fraud is not only a crime-it's costly, too.

Home Based Business Insurance

What you need to do to protect your homebased business
Entrepreneur Magazine

Safe Bet?

Software insurance may cover your network's assets.

Creating Proof of Ownership

Make insurance claims easier by documenting what you own.
Customer Service

Just Say No

Let your customers down easy.
Growing Your Business

Household Name

Gain exposure with private labeling

Passing The Buck

Managing your cash with factoring

Positively Speaking

Service to keep your customers smiling

Support Can Be Beautiful

Postal centers go high-tech
Entrepreneur Magazine

Rich Blend

Integrated benefits help your employees--and your company.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Request Denied?

Protect employees from a health insurance loophole.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Furry Friends

More companies are offering health insurance for pets.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The DNA Dilemma

Should genetic discrimination be part of your EPL coverage?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Up for Review

Now's the time to evaluate your insurance coverage.

What to Sell on eBay

Not sure what to sell on eBay? Learn how to research your ideas, find product sources and discover what's hot.

The Benefits of Business Interruption Coverage

Insurance can help smooth the road to disaster recovery.

You Are What They Eat

A how-to for the budding restaurateur
Entrepreneur Magazine


Cut your car-insurance costs.

Insuring Against the Weather

While it's impossible to predict the exact damage wrought by hurricanes and other weather phenomena, you can assess your risk through insurance.

Thinking Ahead

Take (long-term) care.
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