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What's The Plan?

Business plan? What business plan? You'll just wing it, right? Wrong. Here's how to put your business on the right track (plus all the tools to make planning easy).
Entrepreneur Magazine

When Duty Calls

Know your responsibilities when it comes to employees on military leave.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Good Fire

Want to keep bitter ex-employees from lashing out? Try a kinder, gentler termination.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Working out a recycling program for your company isn't as hard as you'd think.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Buyer Beware

Purchasing a company? Avoid the mistakes that could ruin your business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Make a Statement

If you want to motivate prospects and customers, show them the benefits.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fast Track

Personal gift-shopping Web site
Entrepreneur Magazine

Healthy Choice

Insurance companies? Who needs 'em?
Entrepreneur Magazine


Let your employees help choose the company's office equipment.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Off The Clock

How to avoid costly mistakes in calculating and paying overtime

Call For Backup

Weak links can cost you big--make sure your suppliers are covered.
Growing Your Business

Hidden Resources

Think nonprofits have no money to spare for your company? Stop ignoring this $621 billion market.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Long Haul

If your employees' responses to `How was the drive?' range from drooling catatonia to fits of rage, you can help.
Entrepreneur Magazine

It's The Law

When it comes to employee legal issues, you'd best do it by the book.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Break It Down

Would your managers take more interest in their departments' success if it were their company?

Home Security

Protect your investment--insure your telecommuters.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Make Like Magellan

The best workers for your business aren't necessarily in your neighborhood. They may not even be on your continent.

Someone On Your Side

A public adjuster can get you through a sticky insurance claim.
Entrepreneur Magazine

College Prep

Need start-up help? Give your business some class.
Entrepreneur Magazine

SAD Times

Jack Frost may be nipping at your work force.

Suiting Up

If your business becomes the victim of a lawsuit, do you know what your insurance company will do for you?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Take It And Run!

Think your idea is already spoken for? Maybe not . . .
Entrepreneur Magazine

Pass The Pretzels

Meetings not as productive as they should be? Make a party of them.

Under Covered?

Audits for your own good
Entrepreneur Magazine

Will It Pay?

Turning your hobby into a profitable business.
Startup Basics

Get the Last Laugh

...even when everyone says your business idea is crazy.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Rub It In

Ahhhh! The answer to your employees' aches, pains and stress
Entrepreneur Magazine

Down And (Almost) Out

Stepping in when a top employee's performance goes flat

One Stop Shops

Coverage you can bank on?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Get The Last Laugh

. . . even when everyone says your business idea is crazy.
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