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Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang is a staff writer at Entrepreneur magazine in Southern California. She’s been writing about business for newspapers and magazines since 2004, beginning with a stint in the publications department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, where she realized that economics could, in fact, be cool.

20 Recent Stories

Turn Superstition into Marketing Gold

When numbers are more than just numbers, they can be used to influence behavior, which should have business owners counting their blessings.
February 11, 2009 in Management & Operations

The Economic Forecast: A Q&A With Andrew Policano

Andrew Policano, dean of The Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine, shares his thoughts on news--good and bad--in the economy.
January 27, 2009 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Keep Your Team Motivated

A former football player never envisioned owning a men's hair salon. But now he's glad he does.
January 22, 2009 in Success Stories

Be Green All the Way

Here are three steps entrepreneurs can take to have sustainable practices from the get-go.
January 21, 2009 in Business Ideas

Why You (Yes, You!) Need a Cool Office

Google's swimming pools and massage parlors may be outside most business's budgets, but investing in a creative office is a lot easier--and more important--than you might think.
January 8, 2009 in Business Management

Confessions of Serial Entrepreneurs

It takes a special kind of person to delve into the wilds of business startup. It takes an even more driven person to start business after business. Why do serial entrepreneurs do what they do?
January 8, 2009 in Success Stories

Open2view: A Picture of Success

For real estate professionals and their clients, virtual tours are just a click away.
December 29, 2008 in Franchises

Snap-on Tools Hits the Nail on the Head

After 88 years, one company is still providing the tools that customers--and franchisees--need to succeed.
December 29, 2008 in Franchises

Recession Cost-Cutting No-Nos

Resist the temptation to make these bad business decisions during the downturn.
December 15, 2008 in Management & Operations

Are Holiday Parties in Season?

Before you let your inner Scrooge take over, listen to what these experts have to say about keeping costs down and spirits high.
December 8, 2008 in Business Management

A Win for Women Entrepreneurs

Seven months after naming three finalists,Yahoo! Small Business and fwm announce the grand prize winner of Seeds for Success.
November 24, 2008 in Success Stories

Radio Revolution

A Q&A with Pandora founder Tim Westergren
November 19, 2008 in Success Stories

A Step Down That's a Step Up

No matter how high up you are on the corporate ladder, it's never too late to start your own business--even if you're heading into a different industry.
November 14, 2008 in Success Stories

Lessons Learned at 'Harvard for Losers'

The Delancey Street Foundation takes drug addicts, ex-convicts and the homeless, and trains them for the real world.
October 29, 2008 in Success Stories
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