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Latest Luxury Vehicles

The latest luxury cars combine comfort and fuel efficiency.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Commercial Vehicles 2007

The latest commercial vehicles are green, mean and loaded with extras.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Classic Station Wagons Get a 2007 Makeover

Haul all sorts of junk in your trunk with a station wagon.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Affordable SUV

Plenty of SUVs go the distance without draining your pockets.
Entrepreneur Magazine

3 Cars Rich in Features

Packed with features, these cars stand out.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Exotic Car Options

Look hot and feel even hotter in an exotic car.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Consider a small truck for all your light-load needs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Autos Going Green

The green car market is branching out.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Car-SUV Hybrid

Find an eco-friendlier alternative to the SUV.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mobile Office Add-Ons

Order up a side of road-warrior extras.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Calling From the Car

What exactly is the price of chatting while on the road?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Sedan Savvy

The newest sedans are hardly middle-of-the-road.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Never Get Lost Again

Staying on track gets a whole lot easier as GPS makes its way into the latest vehicles.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Cars to Splurge On

Treat yourself to something gorgeous, sexy and lots of fun.
Business Travel

Wheels and Deals

The 2006 vehicles hit the road with more power, better options . . . and lower prices.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fuel for Thought

Meet today's new and improved diesels.

Guilt-Free Luxury

Get big performance with a small price tag.

Boxing Match

A boxy car could be the perfect fit for your business needs.

The Finer Things

You don't have to break the bank to get one of these luxury sedans.

At All Costs?

It may look like a deal, but calculate the true cost to own first.

Clean Up Your Act

With the new crop of low-emission cars, it's easy being green.

Family Ties

You call it Jaguar; I call it Lincoln . . . How to choose between automotive cousins

For All Van Kind

With plenty of cargo space and luxury features, these minivans are one giant leap for your business.

Take Cover

No need to panic--we've got tips to help you cut your car insurance costs.

What a Concept!

Look at these concept cars to see what the future holds for your fleet.

Enter the Wagon

Station wagons aren't just for families anymore. They're making a comeback--and packing a serious punch.

Extra Special

Why settle for the ordinary when you've got these special-edition vehicles to choose from?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Hit the Road

Itching to throw your business into high gear? We have everything you need to get your business fleet up to speed in our 2005 guide to commercial vehicles

Fleeting Moment

Fleet leasing provides big breaks to entrepreneurs. Find out what's in it for you.

Reward Me

Rebates and incentives make buying all the more appealing.

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