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Tax Deductions

If You Build It . . .

Are you overlooking significant deductions on new construction or major remodeling projects?
Tax Essentials

Payroll Piggy Bank?

The IRS is no pushover when it comes to payroll withholding taxes. So if you're tempted to misuse these funds, you'd better reconsider.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What a Relief!

Thanks to a recently enacted tax law, you may be able to deduct 100 percent of your equipment costs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

An Unsure Thing

Can't pay your federal tax bill? Don't count on the IRS offer-in-compromise program to help.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Watch Your Step

Think the IRS is bluffing when it says it will crack down on small-business tax abuses? Think again.
Tax Essentials

Your Loss Is Your Gain

Taking a hit during hard times isn't necessarily a lose-lose situation if you're an S corporation.
Tax Essentials

Hire Purpose

Bringing disadvantaged employees aboard has never been so rewarding--and we're not just talking about the tax credits you'll get.
Entrepreneur Magazine

SIMPLE Problems

The only way your SIMPLE plan will ever rival a 401(k) is if you get out and fight for it. Web Site Encourages Public Input

Federal rule-making site enables anyone with Internet access to read up on federal regulations and submit comments
Entrepreneur Magazine

You Need a Raise

No use paying yourself less. The IRS is cracking down on disguised dividends.
Tax Essentials

Is That New?

To prove you deserve an R&D credit, when the IRS says "Jump," you'll say "Which hoop?"
Entrepreneur Magazine

Out With the Bad, In With the Good

Forget about LIFO's poor reputation--find out how the IRS is making it better for you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Get Your Tax Straight

All the last-minute financial secrets you'll need to get out from under some of that tax burden before 2002 comes to a close.
Entrepreneur Magazine

"I'll Huff, and I'll Puff . . ."

Hang on, little piggies! Tax auditors are getting ready to aim their big, bad breath at business tax shelters.
Tax Center

Do Tips Count as Income?

The IRS wrestles with restaurants over tip reporting and scores a big win.
Entrepreneur Magazine

All the Perks

Small businesses deserve some big-business treatment.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Beefed Up

The IRS enforcement arm is working out.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Keep It Simple

Will the feds succeed in untangling tax laws?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Retirement Rewards

A new act makes life less taxing on you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What a Relief!

A new act cuts small businesses a break with a large token of depreciation.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Don't Be an April Fool!

There's time for some last-minute tax moves.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Cash In

Cash accounting is about to get more use.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wanna Trade?

IRS goes a little bit easier on like-kind exchanges.
Entrepreneur Magazine

How Do You Spell "Relief"?

For businesses hurt by the September 11 attacks, the answer may be "IRS."
Entrepreneur Magazine

Plug & Pay

The IRS is now taking your money online.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Reading, Write-Offs and 'Rithmetic

Saving for schooling now can be tax-free.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Big Letdown

IRS fumbles security for its e-file system.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Shelter for Shelters?

The IRS may not like 'em-but the courts don't seem to mind.

What's in It for Me?

Read the fine print: Tax bill will benefit entrepreneurs, too.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lie Down With Dogs . . .

And you'll end up with some mighty hefty fees.

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