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A Tax to Grind

Will there be a sales tax standard to simplify the process?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Step Away From The Auditor

Thinking of getting to know your "independent" auditor better? Don't push it, says the SEC.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Updated = Upgraded

Do changes at the IRS really mean better service for you?

Smooth Moves

Roll over your small-business investments and shield yourself from capital gains taxes.
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Deposit, Big Return

And that's good news from the IRS.
Entrepreneur Magazine

All's Fair in . . .the Law?

A change in taxation legislation makes selling a business a better deal.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Scheming Off the Top?

Congress takes steps to uncover businesses' secret stash.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Late Bloomer

The IRS' antiquated computer system is finally getting a boost.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Hang 1040!

Surfing the Net for the newest tax info
Entrepreneur Magazine

Count It Up

. . . if you can. New and confusing IRS accounting rules may leave you puzzled.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tell All

Gift-giving: Inform the IRS thoroughly to avoid an audit.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Pension Tension

Don't let your business's retirement plan get nabbed by the IRS.
Entrepreneur Magazine

On Foreign Soil

Congress is proceeding with a plan to allow U.S. exporters to establish foreign sales corporation in other countries.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Killer Commute

Is it costing your employees a fortune? A new program may ease their burden.
Entrepreneur Magazine

In the Piggy Bank

If your kids are working for you, don't miss tax and savings breaks.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Greed Isn't Good

Be careful when deciding what to pay yourself, because Uncle Sam's watching.
Entrepreneur Magazine

If I Were President . . .

Bush and Gore make very different promises on the subject of tax cuts.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Discover The Secrets Of Auditors

New guides help you keep the tax man away-for good.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Discover the Secrets of Auditors, Part 2

New guides help you keep the tax man away--for good.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

Granted, federal estate tax laws might change. But don't let that stop you from taking money-saving steps now.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Business Band-Aid

The 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act offered small doses of relief.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Your Favorite Bureaucracy Goes Digital

Privacy experts reel as the IRS rolls out a pilot program to transmit tax information via e-mail.
Entrepreneur Magazine

I Vant To Suck Your . . .

. . . bank account? To keep the lifeblood flowing in your financial veins, protect yourself from the local tax bogeyman.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Business On Paper

. . . And profits in your hand. A foreign sales corporation could do the trick.
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Trespassing

You don't need a rocking chair and a shotgun to keep the IRS off your property--taxwise, anyway.
Entrepreneur Magazine

December, Already?

It's not too late to trim this year's tax bill. And it's definitely not too early to start on 2000's.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Easy Street

Check out the IRS' new options for tax-debt management. You'll drive away happy--and compliant!
Entrepreneur Magazine

Join The Corps

Feel defenseless against Uncle Sam? New regulations could make S corps better protection for your assets.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The fact that the Internet is generating huge profits hasn't slipped by the taxman. Find out which rules affect your e-commerce business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Payoff

Can giving more to yourself or your employees mean giving less to Uncle Sam?

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