Kim T. Gordon

Kim T. Gordon

Kim Gordon is the owner of National Marketing Federation and is a multifaceted marketing expert, speaker, author and media spokesperson. Her latest book is Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars.

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Market Research

Who Are Your Clients?

Get to know potential customers with market research.

Presentation With Pizazz

How to overcome your fear of public speaking
Entrepreneur Magazine

Better Than Cosmo

Sorry. We can't tell you how good a lover you are. But our quiz can tell you how to sell with the best.
Finding Customers

Finding New Prospects

If you're trying to drum up more business through a trade show, these tips from our Marketing Expert can help you expand your client list.
Public Relations

Under Fire

Will a crisis take your company down? Here's how deft handling can turn public opinion around.
Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Makeover

Is it time for an update?
Targeting Niche Markets

Reaching Your Target Market

Look for prospects who will be receptive to your message.
Money Basics

How to Price Your Product or Service

This three-step process will help you decide.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Want to market the way Coke and Pepsi do? Then try cable TV.
Closing the Sale

Selling To Qualified Prospects

Move your prospects from cold to hot.
Finding Customers

Finding Appropriate Prospect Lists

How to hit a bull's-eye when defining your marketing demographic
Marketing Ideas

When Selling Gets Personal

Pushing the intangible benefits

What Business Do I Start?

Here's how you can find a business idea, even if you think you have no experience.

Growing Pains

Want to expand your business beyond a single-person enterprise? Homebased expert Kim T. Gordon offers her advice.
Targeting Niche Markets

Marketing to Niche Business Clients

Find out how to target a specific business client.
International Growth

Testing International Waters

Find out if your business is ready for the global marketplace.
Home Based Ideas

From Freelancer to Design Firm Owner

How to transition from freelance jobs to creating your own firm

Selling to a Niche Market

How can I sell my new bookkeeping service?
Customer Loyalty and Retention

Building Customer Relationships

Increase your sales through better relationships with your existing customers.
Ads by Type

Getting Screen Time

Find out how to market your product on television.
Marketing Basics

Call In the Pros

Need marketing help from the experts? Choose the best firm for your budget.

Managing Your Contacts

Our homebased expert tells you why you can't live without a good contact management program.

Marketing to Professionals

How do you approach busy attorneys? Our homebased expert will tell you.
Finding Customers

Fishing for Customers

Reel in clients with these helpful marketing tips.
Marketing Basics

Beat the Competition

High quality and sound marketing work as well as lowering your prices.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Hold It . . . Hold It . . .

Capture the essence of your business success-the lighter the focus on your prospects and products, the better.

Site Seen

Homebased expert Kim T. Gordon answers our reader's question: How can I promote my online business on a shoestring budget?

The Structure Of A Marketing Plan

Homebased expert Kim T. Gordon answers our reader's question: How do I create a marketing plan?
Marketing Plan

Market the Right Image

Tips for creating a marketing plan that attracts the right attention
Marketing Basics

Business In Demand?

How to evaluate whether there's a need for your business
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