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Kim T. Gordon

Kim T. Gordon is one of the country's leading experts on the small-business market. Over the past 30 years as an author, marketing expert, media spokesperson, speaker and coach, her work has helped millions of small-business owners increase their success. For more than a decade, Kim's Entrepreneur magazine columns and online columns, which appear regularly on Yahoo Small Business, MSNBC, AOL and other major sites, have provided solid advice on growing a business to between three million and fifteen million readers monthly.

Work with Fortune 100s
A recognized spokesperson and consultant on small-business success, Kim works with Fortune 100 companies to help them effectively communicate product and service information to the small-business market.

Client work has included:

  • Canon - a national tour that included television, radio and print media interviews.
  • Sprint - two satellite television tours, multiple mat releases, articles for publication, two radio tours and a "consumer feature" radio tour, keynotes, workshops in eight cities with book signings, consultation for campaign development.
  • Hewlett-Packard - message development, radio tour, mat releases, and a specially created booklet used as a product enclosure.
  • Nortel Networks - message development, television tour, radio tour and mat release.
  • eBay - message development and radio tour.
  • Oxygen television network - print interviews, a how-to streaming video for the network's website, articles for online publication, creation and direction of a two-day custom workshop for "Build Your Business" winners, online advice to viewers on a featured message board.
  • Office Depot - personal appearances and seminars throughout North America for four years, print media interviews, articles for publication in their private-labeled magazine.
  • Interland ( - ongoing consultation, mat releases, articles for placement in small business publications, print media interviews, radio tour, webinar, in-depth white paper used as a premium, online articles.
  • Visa - message development for Visa Rewards for SMBs, television tour, radio tour, print media interviews, mat release.
  • USPS - product development consultant, editor at large and featured contributor for the Postal Service private labeled small-business magazine, Impact, and its e-newsletter, Virtual Impact.

Kim has appeared: On broadcast and cable network television interviews (including CNN and ABC World News Tonight) and on TV affiliates in every major market; on twenty-one major radio networks (such as the Wall Street Journal and the Business Radio Networks) in addition to independent stations throughout the country; in newspaper interviews from the Los Angeles Times to the Washington Post; and in numerous major magazines from Newsweek and Business Week to Money.

Dedicated to Helping Others
Kim strongly believes that each business owner must give back to the community and is a dedicated fundraiser in the Florida Keys where she now resides with her husband. She founded and chairs the highly successful annual Woman's Hope Concert to benefit Samuel's House, a shelter for women and their children left homeless due to personal challenges and domestic abuse, and the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys. She presently serves on multiple boards, and in the past year alone has directed fundraising efforts that netted more than $250,000 for local charities.

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