Kim T. Gordon

Kim T. Gordon

Kim Gordon is the owner of National Marketing Federation and is a multifaceted marketing expert, speaker, author and media spokesperson. Her latest book is Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars.

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E-Mail Marketing Tips That Pump Up Sales

Use these three tips to get more value from customers with an affordable e-mail marketing campaign.
Finding Customers

Finding Customers Fast

Use these four smart ways to increase leads and sales this summer.

Dare to Be Different

Successful marketing means standing out from your competitors. Here are 4 steps to shedding your look-alike image.
Marketing Ideas

Service With a Smile

Not sure how to market your service business? Focus on these 5 tips for bringing in new customers, and you'll be glad you did.
Online Marketing

Build Sales with E-Mail Marketing

Follow these three steps for an affordable campaign that yields a strong ROI.

Seven Steps to Marketing Your New Product

Don't let your new product launch sputter! Use these tips to ensure your target market is lining up to buy.

Dare to Be Different

Successful marketing means standing out from your competitors. Here are 4 steps to shedding your look-alike image.

Win Publicity for Your Biz

Put your company in the limelight with these six key steps to running your own media relations campaign.
Marketing How-To Guides

6 Steps to Winning Publicity

Follow these essential steps to create your own successful media relations campaign.
Advertising How-To Guides

Advertising at the Movies

With cinema advertising, you can reach a captive audience--and make your marketing message the feature presentation.

Marketing Tips for Launching a New Product

Follow these seven steps to successfully introduce and market your latest product or service.

'Where Are My Customers?'

Want more prospects to respond to your marketing? Avoid these six gotchas that stop customers cold.
Public Relations

6 Tips for Getting Press

Need exposure? Follow these 6 tips to win press coverage for your growing business.

Win Top-Quality Leads

4 vital tips for producing great leads

Say It Again -- and Again

To get the attention of distracted consumers, use these three tips to bombard them from many mediums.
Marketing Ideas

Extending Your Media Reach

To get the attention of multitasking consumers, position your ad message in multiple media.

Seven Tips to Outlast, Outsell and Beat Your Competition

To outlast rivals, you have to outsell them. Use these tips to expand sales and leave competitors in the dust.

Can You See Me Now?

Don't be hard to find! Focus your marketing efforts where customers who are ready to buy look first.

Time-Saving Marketing Tactics

Do you spend all your time running your business and not enough marketing it? Make time with these time-saving tactics.

Increase Your Marketing Response

Want more prospects to respond your marketing? Here's how to avoid six barriers that stop customers in their tracks.
Marketing Plan

What's the Plan?

Need a marketing plan? Here are strategies to fit penny pinchers, big spenders and everyone in between.

Nine Secrets of Being a Marketing Genius

Successful marketing takes more than a monster budget. Learn these must-know strategies to improve your campaigns.

Getting Customers Excited About Your Product

Here are five ways to use scarcity and exclusivity to create buzz, fuel sales and boost your bottom line.

Sales Meeting Success Tips

To close the sale face-to-face, you have to have game, and these ten tips will make you a master player.

Best Media for Your Ads

Don't waste time and money. Here's how to choose the best place for your ads the first time.

Make Unforgettable Ads

Find out what the latest research can teach you about creating ads your prospects won't forget.

Three Tips for a Radio Campaign Blockbuster

Find out what an unforgettable radio ad sounds like and use these three tips to make some noise of your own.

Three Easy Ways to Track Advertising

Are you really getting the most for your money? These methods will help you make sure.

Win Customers Over With a Loyalty Program

Don't ignore the customers you already have! Let them know their worth to your biz by providing rewards for their loyalty.

Branding Made Simple

4 important tips for creating a successful brand image
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