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Kristin Wehner

Kristin Wehner Keffeler , MSM, is this the founder of Kinetic Enterprise, LLC, a company that supports entrepreneurs in the financial services industry to transform their role from a commoditized "financial planner" to an irreplaceable "trusted advisor" by investing in their health as an essential professional asset.

Her background includes a bachelor's degree in human biology, a master's degree in management with an emphasis in public health, as well as 13 years of experience developing results-oriented worksite and student-based health and wellness programs at several institutions, including Maxtor Corporation, Coors Brewing Company and the University of Denver. She is also a trained and certified professional coach specializing in behavior change.

She has led health promotion teams in achieving two Wellness Councils of America Well Workplace awards (national awards recognizing excellence in results-oriented worksite wellness programming), achieving a Gold award for Maxtor Corporation in 2005 and a Silver award for Maxtor Corporation in 2003, as well working as a part of the team who received the first Gold award in the state of Colorado (Coors Brewing Company, 2001). Additionally, she has a faculty position at Metro State College of Denver where she teaches a course highlighting best practices for the implementation of health promotion at the worksite.

Kristin is a trainer on the topic of facilitating sustainable behavior change for the American College of Sports Medicine, and she has presented both locally and nationally on the topics of motivational interviewing and lifestyle coaching, the role of health on corporate culture, and how to measure and leverage health as an organizational asset. She has also been a presenter for the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, the Financial Planning Association, and the Sudden Money Institute on the impact of health on the advisor-client relationship. Additionally, she is the health coach for, and she has published articles/interviews in the Journal of Financial Planning, The Journal of Practical Estate Planning, Entrepreneur magazine, the Denver Business Journal, and Business Altitude magazine.

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