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Marc Diener

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It's a Draw

When talks hit deadlocks, you can take stock, stop the clock or take a walk.
August 1, 2000 in Negotiating

Follow Your NOs

Disagreeing without being disagreeable
July 1, 2000 in Negotiating

Yellin' Ain't Everything

Negotiation is only one of six steps to a great deal.
June 1, 2000 in Negotiating

Karmic Business

Dealmakers get what they give.
May 1, 2000 in Negotiating

Cracking Wise

Negotiations going badly? Yuk it up.
April 1, 2000 in Negotiating

The Mighty Pen

How to make the paper trail work for you
March 1, 2000 in Entrepreneur Magazine

On Guard

Don't get taken by bargaining ploys.
February 1, 2000 in Negotiating

Needful Things

You can't always get what you want . . . or can you?
January 1, 2000 in Negotiating

Last But Not Least

Whether in desperation or by design, the final offer is one of the strongest--and trickiest--plays in deal-making.
December 1, 1999 in Negotiating

A Little Help?

Sometimes your hard bargain needs a professional driver-sometimes.
November 1, 1999 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Bully For You

Turn the tables on intimidators.
October 1, 1999 in Negotiating

Haggling 101

How to get what's coming to you
September 1, 1999 in Negotiating

Stealing Away

When a valued employee leaves, controlling the damage may be easier than you think.
December 1, 1998 in Magazine

Tell The Truth

What you claim about your product could get you in a heap of trouble.
October 1, 1998 in Magazine

So Sue Me!

Never been hit by a lawsuit? Prepare for your day in court.
August 1, 1998 in Magazine

Raising The Bar

Don't settle for second best. Here are some tips for getting the most out of an attorney.
June 1, 1998 in Magazine

Killer Contracts

Forget about warm, fuzzy deals sealed with a handshake. You need to get it in writing.
April 1, 1998 in Magazine

Just Say No

10 deals you should never say yes to
November 1, 1996 in Entrepreneur Magazine
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