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Mark Stevens


Mark Stevens is a marketing expert, bestselling author, CEO and business consultant who works with a wide range of companies from fresh startups to the Fortune 500. Mark's ABC Radio Show "The Business Warrior" is the No. 1 entrepreneur-based talk show program in New York. Click here to download one of Mark's recent radio episodes. In addition to ABC Radio, Mark is also a commentator for FOX News, CNN and the New York Times.

Mark's company, MSCO, is a global marketing and management firm that counsels business owners and executives to analyze their company's current efforts, and reveals how to develop an ROI-based action plan to realize business goals. The extreme methodology expressed in Mark's bestseller, "Your Marketing Sucks," will help you connect your marketing dollars to smart growth strategies.

His blog, "Unconventional Thinking" is in the top one percent of all published blogs (out of 95 million blogs) and was recently named in the Top 5 of all marketing blogs by

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Books by Mark Stevens:

  • Rich Is a Religion (October 2008)
  • God Is a Salesman: Learn From the Master
  • Your Management Sucks
  • Your Marketing Sucks
  • Extreme Management: What They Teach At Harvard's Advanced Management Program
  • King Icahn: The Biography of A Renegade Capitalist
  • The Big Eight: An Inside View of America's Most Powerful Accounting Firms
  • The Big Six
  • The Accounting Wars
  • KPMG Peat Marwick 1991-92: Business Adviser for Growing Companies
  • How To Run Your Own Business Successfully
  • Sudden Death: The Rise & Fall Of E.F. Hutton
  • Land Rush: The Secret World Of Real Estate Super Brokers And Developers
  • Power Of Attorney: The Rise Of The Giant Law Firms
  • The Macmillan Small Business Handbook
  • Like No Other Store in The World: The Inside Story of Bloomingdales
  • 36 Small Business Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
  • Model
  • Profit Secrets for Small Businesses
  • 10 - Minute Entrepreneurs
  • How To Borrow A Million Dollars
  • Leveraged Finance: How To Raise and Invest Cash
    The Insiders: The Truth Behind The Scandal Rocking Wall Street
  • How to Pyramid Small Business Ventures
  • The Inside Story of Bloomingdale's

Books by Mark Stevens have been published in USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Germany, Spain, Japan, Russia and Brazil.

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