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Melissa Campanelli is a technology writer in Brooklyn, New York, who has covered technology for Mobile Computing & Communications and Sales & Marketing Management magazines. You can reach her at

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Tech Buzz 08/01

Online auction fraud, next-generation managed desktops and more
Market Research

Who Wants to Know? You Do.

Conducting a survey online is cheap and fast--and you can do it yourself.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Now or Never

Busy customers won't wait around for help. Before you become a dotcom statistic, consider opening the lines of communication.
Selling Online

Go Local!

Competing online for worldwide customers is fine, but don't forget about those who still see you as the shop around the corner.
Business Ideas

Tech Futures

The technology industry will never die--it'll just move on. And these cutting-edge businesses are on its itinerary.
Ads by Type

New Wave

AM/FM not doing it for you? Your customers are surfing the Web now--sooner or later, they'll be listening to Internet radio.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Cut the Strings

Is your Web site feeling confined? Go wireless, and set it free.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wise Buys

Product reviews of American Express' Private Payments credit card security program and The Image Factory New York's AtomicLog site traffic monitoring software
Entrepreneur Magazine

Gotta Have It!

Impulse buying on the Web? Why not? Sometimes all customers need is a little nudge.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wise Buys

Product reviews of KnowEx Solutions' KnowEx Interact Small Business Edition customer service software, WebMap Technologies' visual Web navigation techonology, and Yahoo!'s Business Express listing ser
Entrepreneur Magazine

Give And Take

Why it pays to partner up on your marketing efforts
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wise Buys

Product review of True Internet Color from E-Color Inc., Ektron's e-WebEdit Pro and's Crisis Management Tool
Entrepreneur Magazine

Web Site

Try this site for a clever new way to find out more about security for your computer.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Body Language

Password glut got you down? Hackers scoff at password systems, anyway. Is biometrics the answer?
Motivation and Retention

Weathering The Storm

Employees jumping ship for the stability of a brick-and-mortar? Try these tips for finding-and keeping-the good ones in these trying times.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Analyze This

Keep your dotcom alive-with competitive intelligence.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wise Buys

Product reviews of of 3-D Web technology from Viewpoint and gift functionality from WishClick
Entrepreneur Magazine

Many Happy Returns

You were thrilled by holiday sales-don't be chilled by post-holiday returns.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wise Buys

Product review of NetMechanic's new service, Search Engine Power Pack
Entrepreneur Magazine

Book Review

Review of Loyalty Marketing for the Internet Age
Protecting Your Idea

Patent Fever

Rushing to join the patent stampede? Hold on and take a closer look at your business. Smart dotcommers put their patents on one leg at a time.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Taking It All In

Not sure how to get e-shopper's money into your pocket? Credit cards or e-cash--find the payment method to fit your needs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

New Releases

Reviews of's Virtual Returns Disk to control online product returns; Total Merchant Services' Total E-Commerce Solution package; and Lyris Technologies' Lyris ListManager 4.0
Entrepreneur Magazine

Trading Places

Whether you start one or just use one, B2B exchange will be part of your business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wise Buys

Review of e-commerce service, e-commerce service provider and Web-based management module Cloak 3000
Entrepreneur Magazine

Yule Be Sorry

On the 87th day of Christmas, your Web site gave to me.a late order under my tree.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wise Buys

Review of multilingual interfaces from LivePerson Inc. and NetMechanic's HTML Toolbox Version 2.0 HTML problem-solving software
Hiring Center

People First

You could have all the gigabytes in the world at your disposal, order processing that plucks cash right from customers' pockets and a product or service that people literally can't live without--but i
Entrepreneur Magazine

Site in Shining Armor

Your personal quest for intellectual property protection on the Net
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wise Buys

Reviews of Responsys Jumpstart, Zoomerang and's eCourse

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