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Howdy, Partner

Starting a business with someone you met online? It's not as scary--or as unusual--as you think.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Smart Ideas 10/04

Wedding insurance, massage chairs and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tech It Out

Resources for high-tech entrepreneurs
Entrepreneur Magazine

I'm Game

What hot, new pastime is inspiring entrepreneurs to launch businesses?
Home Based Ideas

Clutter Busters

From closets to cabinets to garages, Americans' clutter is piling up like never before. Find out how you can clean up in this growing industry.
Entrepreneur Magazine

In the "No"

Pessimistic employees may not be so bad for your business after all.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Balancing Act

Your business' success depends on working to attract new customers--while still keeping existing clients happy.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Projecting Your Startup Costs

Get real when it comes to accurately figuring out just what it'll cost you to get your business off the ground.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Take Me to Your Leader

Do you have what it takes to run a company?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Smart Ideas 09/04

Asian-inspired children's clothing, fine art marketing materials and more
Family Business

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

When business and family mix, the key to success is communication.
Entrepreneur Magazine

To a Tee

Saucy shirts are a smart--and hot--statement.

Start the Presses

Publishing a magazine may seem like a dream, but these entrepreneurs made it a reality.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Smart Ideas 08/04

Two jerseys in one, dry-erase erasers and more
Time Management and Organization

Juggling Multiple Tasks

How to find the time to do all you need to do--and then some
Home Based Ideas

Sales Report

Once tainted by get-rich-quick schemes, the direct-sales industry is changing its image. See what experts and business owners have to say about going direct.
Business Ideas

By Special Request

Upscale concierge businesses give new meaning to the phrase "service with a smile."
Entrepreneur Magazine

More Bang for Your Buck

Need to fill your store shelves? Then this trade show has your name written all over it.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Spacing Out

Oops! Forgot to include something crucial in your business plan? So did these entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Fair Case

These pretty laptop cases are pretty functional, too.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Smart Ideas 07/04

Scrubs for the pint-sized set, pop culture nesting dolls and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Attention, Please

The art of creating buzz isn't hard to master--just keep these points in mind.
Entrepreneur Magazine

On the Move

Could transferring a business idea to another city translate into more profits?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Smart Ideas 06/04

Networking pajama parties, biblical bobbles and more

#21 Midwest Diagnostic Management LLC

They didn't choose huge success; success chose them. So how did they deal with it?
Entrepreneur Magazine

In Return

Returning reservists may require special handling.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Sowing the Seeds

These business plan competition winners show they've got what it takes to make their startup ideas bloom.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Smart Ideas 05/04

Decorator urn covers, prepaid debit cards and more
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

It's a Mom's World

In between late-night feedings, picking up the kids from school, and kissing those boo-boos away, more and more moms are starting businesses. Do you have what it takes to be a mompreneur?
Home Based Business

Close to Home

Are you trying to connect with other homebased business owners? You may not have to look too far.
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