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Entrepreneur Magazine

Where the Action Is

A mobile photography business can go a long way if you know where you're going.
Home Based Ideas

Starting a Business as a Remodeling Contractor

Using your carpentry or construction skills to help people remodel their homes could just be the perfect homebased business for you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Using Your Computer to Start a Business

The equipment you already have could be the key to a home business.
Home Based Ideas

Starting a Business as a Manufacturer's Rep

If you're a top seller and have years of experience under your belt, going independent as a manufacturer's representative may be your ticket to sales success.
Business Ideas

Starting a Homebased Food Business on a Sweet Note

Make sure to follow state regulations when selling
Home Based Ideas

Let's Get Busy

Start cookin' with the hottest homebased businesses in town.
Home Based Business

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

How to get help when you don't want employees in your home office
Home Based Ideas

Starting a Business as a Interior Designer or Decorator

Got a flair with furniture and a knack for cool color combinations? You might want to think about putting your design talents to work.
Business Ideas

Have I Chosen a Stable Business?

No worries-medical billing is still a viable business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ready to Make the Leap?

How to know if the time is right to start a business
Home Based Ideas

Starting a Business as a Financial Advisor

77 million baby boomers need financial advice to be ready for retirement. Are you prepared to provide it?
Building a Website

Desperately Seeking Web Designer

Don't know the difference between HTML and a URL? Here are some things to think about when seeking a Web site designer.
Home Based Business

School Rules

Teaching a class can be a great way to get your business name out there for less-if you've got the right approach.
Marketing Basics

Buy My Book

Publishing your own book is great way to publicize and promote your business.
Home Based Ideas

Starting an Eldercare Business

A growing population of older individuals combined with your skills as a caregiver could mean a new business opportunity for you.
Home Based Ideas

Starting a Desktop Publishing Business

Combining your design and writing skills, this business is the perfect blend for people with an eye for the artistic and an ear for the written word.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Treasure Hunt

Hit the mark when you're hunting for products to sell.
Home Based Ideas

Starting a Bookkeeping Business

If you're detail-oriented, a lover of numbers, and honest to a fault, a bookkeeping business might be the perfect match for you.
Tax Essentials

Taxing Matters

Come tax time, you'll be glad you decided to start your own homebased business.
Home Based Business

Setting Up a Retainer Payment System

If you have clients who use your services on a regular basis, find out more about the benefits of having them pay by retainer.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Becoming Your Own Boss

So you want to start a secretarial service. Where do you go from there?

Do It Yourself

You may have to wear many hats as a homebased entrepreneur, but they don't have to weigh you down.
Home Based Business

Plan of Attack

Is a business plan really necessary for a homebased business?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Name That Biz

Think the business-name registration process in Florida is the same as the one in California? Think again.
Home Based Basics

Keeping Packages Safe When No One's Home

There are a number of smart solutions available to homebased business owners who want to be sure their packages are there when they get home.
How-To Guides for Home Based Businesses

Handling Houseguests in Your Home Office

Set some basic rules for your guests and yourself, and your out-of-town visitors will enjoy their visit, while you still get your work done.
Entrepreneur Magazine

On the Hunt

Finding health-care coverage that's just the right fit for you
Home Based Legal Startup

Using the Web to Get Legal Information

5 online resources to help you with some of your common legal needs
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mighty Mouse

Your store may not be a big, city-slicker business, but even a small-town shop can still get customers through its doors.
Home Based Business

Under Pressure

Will your marriage survive both of you working at home? Yes, if you work on your communication skills, too.

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