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Paul and Sarah Edwards

30 Recent Stories

Wish You Were Here

People don't open junk mail, so send a postcard. All they have to do is turn it over.
March 1, 2002 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Branding Your Homebased Business

Household name? No problem-if you've got a few tricks like these up your sleeve.
March 1, 2002 in Magazine

How Independent Are You?

You think you're freelancing. Your client thinks you're freelancing. But does the IRS?
February 1, 2002 in Tax Center

Best Recession-Proof Businesses

Even in a recession, you can start a business. Find out which ones were voted most likely to succeed.
February 1, 2002 in Home Based Ideas

Homebased Business 101

Starting a business from home is your dream. So how do you make it happen? Here are all the basics you need to know to get your homebased business going.
February 1, 2002 in Magazine

Got Kids at Home?

Finding some relief for the homebased entrepreneurial parent
January 1, 2002 in Magazine

Hiring Help

You've got a product but no customers yet? That's where sales reps come in.
December 1, 2001 in Tips from Experts

Dealing With Zoning Restrictions

What to do when zoning prohibits you from meeting with clients in your home office
December 1, 2001 in Presentations

Pumping Up Your Client List

Turn a 98-pound weakling business into a profit powerhouse in 3 easy steps!
November 1, 2001 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Valuing Your Homebased Business

The first thing to figure out is whether you're profitable.
November 1, 2001 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Taking It Home

Home is where the heart is, but do you want to hang your corporation's hat there?
October 1, 2001 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Where's the Grant Money?

Grants are just one option. Consider angel financing in your quest for start-up capital, too.
October 1, 2001 in Magazine

Mellow Yellow

You can create a great Yellow Pages ad . . . but you may not even need one these days.
September 1, 2001 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Setting Up B2B Appointments

The best approach: Call first...and make sure you listen to what your prospect has to say.
September 1, 2001 in Finding Prospects

Dream Weaver

My dream job is helping other people find their dream jobs. So . . . how do I do it?
August 1, 2001 in Finding Ideas

Do I Need Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Insurance needs vary from business to business. Before you plunk down your cash, make sure you have to.
August 1, 2001 in Magazine

Food for Thought

Even the crankiest reporter can't resist a news release full of local flavor and entrepreneurial spice.
July 1, 2001 in Public Relations

How Much Tax Will the Taxman Take?

Here's how to find out.
July 1, 2001 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Is That Opportunity Legit?

Be your own boss, yes, but be smart about how you get there.
July 1, 2001 in Franchise Buying Guide

Calling Out

Pull up an ergonomic chair and a headset-yes, you, too, could be telemarketing from home in no time.
June 1, 2001 in Business Ideas

Absolutely Everything Inc.

Is there an entrepreneur alive who hasn't incorporated?
June 1, 2001 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Setting Boundaries for Your Homebased Business

How to separate your home from your home office
June 1, 2001 in Magazine

Protective Clothing

Can I show people my designs without losing the shirt off my back?
May 1, 2001 in Protecting Your Idea

Medicine For The Sole

Health insurance for sole proprietors
May 1, 2001 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Creating Routines

The rituals you need to keep-and how to stick to them
May 1, 2001 in Magazine

Too Taxing

Online sales taxes: How much and who gets it?
April 1, 2001 in Entrepreneur Magazine

The Power of One

Checklist for doing business alone
April 1, 2001 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Good Dog!

5 steps to getting Fido under control
April 1, 2001 in Magazine

Four's A Charm?

How do I set my four businesses apart from the competition?
March 1, 2001 in Entrepreneur Magazine

What Women Want

Where's the money for women-owned businesses?
March 1, 2001 in Startup Financing