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Franchise Buying Guide

Prime Time

Aging Americans require more and more services--are you tuned in to their needs? A senior-care franchise could be your big break in this growing industry.
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Two the Rescue

This dependable duo is on hand when technology gives you a hard time.
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Keep up with what's hot in today's market, and your small space will be a big deal.
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Snapshot 04/04

Leo Rivera, 33, founder of Bishops Barbershop in Portland, Oregon
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Just Woo It

It's possible to flirt with success after all.
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Having It Nailed

A zest for woodworking helped this entrepreneur get out of a rut.
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Think Bid

Want your business to grow? Maybe eBay can help.
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Major Dough

A former baseball player decided to take a swing at making gourmet pizzas.
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Measuring Up

Searching for a good idea? Just take a look out the window.
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What's New 02/04

Three's a crowd, eight's a date
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

The Bird Necessities

These entrepreneurs have made it big with an oddly brilliant idea.
Franchise Buying Guide

Trend Watch: Child-Focused Franchises

If the increasing popularity of education services, toy stores and kids' gyms is any indication, you can be sure the children's franchise industry is growing big and strong.

#31: Food Management Associates

This entrepreneur is causing quite a stir with his food services company.

#19: Global Pacific Produce Inc.

Building a company on a time-tested philosophy: The customer is always right
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Stick With the Program

It looked like this entrepreneur's business opportunity was a bust, but it turned out it was just the seller who didn't meet his expectations.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Plain Training and Automobiles

You can't find success 'til you learn the trade.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Off the Map

These franchisees hope pride in their work and community will take their business into uncharted territory.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wedding Planner

Playing matchmaker for brides and businesses
Young Entrepreneurs

No One Takes Me Seriously!

Got potential clients scoffing at you because of your age? Here's how to have the last laugh.
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