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Save the Date

An online calendar service is the next crusade for one serial software entrepreneur.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Art of Persuasion

By making evidence come to life, this entrepreneur ensures the whole truth gets told.
Franchise Buying Guide

New York Action

Creative franchise concepts are just a slice of life in the Big Apple.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Making Merry

This innovator really lights up a room . . .or a house, or a city.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Enter the Center

Seeking stylish boutiques, malls are courting entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Call in a Day's Work

Think there's no such thing as being too connected? This couple begs to differ.
Success Stories

Spin City

This marketing guru found just the right niche for his passion and skill.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 11/05

All fired up over children's pottery classes
Entrepreneur Magazine

Nest Practices

Cracking the organic market at the right time was key to this egg farmer's success.

Nest Practices

Cracking the organic market at the right time was key to this egg farmer's success.

Karate Kids

This former ballerina and stunt woman has turned her love of martial arts into an empire.
One on One

Surviving a System Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy for the corporate office nearly meant disaster for these franchisees.
Franchise Zone

Preserving the Franchise Culture

Can a franchise really pass on a distinct company culture to its franchisees? Tijuana Flats founder explains how he's pulled it off.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Clean and Green

A dry cleaner is paving the way to greener pastures one shirt at a time.

National Treasure

A psychologist explains how entrepreneurs started it all.
Entrepreneur Magazine

On the Merge

Acquiring a company--and being acquired--taught this entrepreneur a lesson in leadership.
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Charged Up

An electrical engineer realized his dreams in the land of opportunity.
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Card Shark

Mastering tricks of the card trade set a franchisee up for success.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 10/05

Learning the ropes
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Pet Pals

A part-time pet business lets a couple pursue their passion while having fun.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Smart Idea

This innovative advertising device catches golfers' attention even while they keep their eye on the ball.
Entrepreneur Magazine

History Lesson

This couple invokes a bygone era with their victorian antiques and reproductions.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Social Grace

This socially conscious business is built around environmentally conscious products.
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Shaping Up

These former teachers toned up their business savvy with a fitness franchise.
Success Stories

Making the Grade

Franchising can help entrepreneurs make a difference in people's lives.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 09/05

Power napping is the latest stage of sleep.
International Growth

Going Global on eBay

Tim Kunihiro, eBay director of cross-border trade, tells how to go global with your business on eBay.
Success Stories

Clean House

Getting laid off from his corporate job gave this franchisee a fresh start.
Success Stories

Center Stage

A mom looking to foster her kids found a solution in franchising.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 08/05

Off to a running start
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