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Guiding Light

A good sense of style--and smell--helped a candle-maker fire up his business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Waiting Game

Lingering behind put this couple ahead of their competition in a new market.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Stir Crazy

Soup's on for this couple, whose secret startup ingredient was sitcom inspiration.
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Lookin' Good

This couple knows image is everything and helps their clients look great.
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The Whole Package

Giving back to the community is part of these postal franchisees' code.
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What's New 07/05

Teach the children well
Entrepreneur Magazine

Scot Free

This kilt-maker's customers share fashion sense--and a love for freedom.
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Cents and Sensitivity

Selling a business is an emotional event--this franchisee helps ease the pain.
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Exotic Tastes

Look no further for that island flavor--the food's right here.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 06/05

Keep your reputation as the life of the party.
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Access Hollywood

A staffing franchisee carves a new niche in showbiz--and finds fame in his own right.
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Hole in One

This golf lover chose a franchise that fit him to a tee.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 05/05

American Idol's got nothin' on this franchise.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Playing the Field

Apply dating rules to marketing, and sweep your customers off their feet.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Going Zen

This group of moms created a video series to help their children--and everyone else's--enjoy the beauty of nature.
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The Future is Now

Tech franchises are hot. Whether you're teaching kids all about computers or consulting for big business, don't get left out of this great opportunity.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Snapshot 04/05

Dawn Barnes, 40s, founder of Dawn Barnes Karate Kids Inc. in Santa Monica, California
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Baby Love

One couple's desire to welcome their new child inspires their small-business dreams.
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Think Ink

This franchisee is making his mark with a printer cartridge shop.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 04/05

If you can stand the heat, then get in the kitchen.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Snapshot 03/05

Lara Merriken, 36, founder of Denver-based Humm Foods
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Teaming Up

This sports franchisee turned a love for coaching into a lucrative business.
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Support System

Bringing together busy female execs can be big business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 03/05

Hone your culinary can-do with epicurian education for aspiring chefs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Snapshot 02/05

Daniel Lubetzky, 36, founder of PeaceWorks LLC in New York City
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Heir Raising

This family plans to make franchising part of its future for generations to come.
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Never Too Old to Party

A party franchise proves business and pleasure do go together.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 02/05

Bottled perfection
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Thread of Life

Sewing is more than just a hobby for this artistic entrepreneur.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Snapshot 01/05

Rosie Herman, 42, founder of One Minute Manicure in Houston
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