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Cheaper Chic

With even the rich feeling financially pinched, businesses are quietly offering discounts on everything from spa services to private jets. - Business News and Opinion

Choosing Cash Over Cachet

The dramatic downturn on Wall Street has caused an uptick in selling off pricey assets, from designer handbags to wine collections. - Business News and Opinion

Happy Hour? Try Nightcap

Cosmos, martinis, and four-inch-heel Manolos were exciting in the late '90s-but will enough women line up to see Sex and the City now? Probably not. - Business News and Opinion

Screen Gems

How H. Stern's jewelry coordinator gets the company's �million-dollar baubles onto the likes of Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Oscars. - Business News and Opinion


The film world's best and worst financial performances of 2007. - Business News and Opinion

Mirror, Mirror, at the Mall

A high-tech looking glass could be a dressing-room innovation or an annoyance. - Business News and Opinion

All Aboard

How can do-gooder execs find, and join, the right nonprofit board? Turns out there are as many different ways as there are boards. - Business News and Opinion

Napping Your Way to the Top

Even professionals who work 24/7 need their sleep. Can businesses help? - Business News and Opinion

In Defense of Workaholics

Work may be a four-letter word. But to successful executives and entrepreneurs, there's nothing more rewarding than putting in an 80-hour workweek. A look at the mental, emotional, and health benefits

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