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Tony Parinello

Tony Parinello has become the nation's foremost expert on executive-level selling. He's also the author of the bestselling book bearing the name of his sales training program,Getting to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer, 10 Steps to VITO's Office,as well as the host of Club VITO, a weekly live internet broadcast.

30 Recent Stories

Should You Make Guarantees?

Your competition may be making certain claims, but that doesn't mean you have to do the same.
October 13, 2003 in Sales Techniques

6 Common Sales Myths

Think you're a terrible salesperson? Get over these classic misconceptions, and you'll be on the road to being a sales superstar.
September 1, 2003 in Sales Techniques

Mastering the Face-to-Face Meeting

How to talk less and listen more the first time you meet a prospect in person
August 11, 2003 in Presentations

Turning a Prospect's No Into a Yes

Customers not biting? Here's how to sell them on your product and close more sales than ever before.
July 14, 2003 in Sales Techniques

Pump Up Your Sales With Powerful PR

Never underestimate the positive effect good PR can have on your bottom line.
June 1, 2003 in Finding Prospects

Dealmaking Basics

Tips for negotiating your way to a smooth sale
May 12, 2003 in Sales Techniques

In a Slump? Time to Jump-Start Your Sales

Give your ailing sales figures a shot of adrenaline with these smart tactics.
April 14, 2003 in Tips from Experts

Who Is the Real Decision-Maker?

How to tell if you're selling to the person who can really tell you yea or nay
March 10, 2003 in Sales

Nail Your Sales Presentation

Turn prospects into eager clients with a clear, well-organized presentation.
February 10, 2003 in Presentations

Keeping Track of Prospects

A no-fail, low-cost way to identify key prospects and turn them into customers
January 13, 2003 in Finding Prospects

Are You Listening?

4 good listening habits you need to adopt now--and 4 you ought to leave curbside
December 9, 2002

Finding Distributors for Your Product

Before you find and approach retailers, make sure you understand what they're looking for.
December 9, 2002 in Management & Operations

Becoming a Trusted Advisor to your Prospects and Customers

If you want to keep your customers for the long term, you've got to become invaluable by becoming a consultant they can trust.
November 11, 2002 in Tips from Experts

Entice Nervous Buyers With Added Value

Even in an uncertain economy, you can still get prospects to spend money on your business.
November 11, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Selling Your Services

How do you sell something that's intangible? Try focusing on the value.
October 14, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Making Presentations to a "C Level" Audience

Find out how to present your product or service to the prospects who inhabit your "common" zone.
October 14, 2002

How to Handle Price Quote Requests

Use them as an opportunity to qualify your best sales prospects.
September 1, 2002 in Sales How-To Guides

Making a Stellar Presentation That's a Seller

These tips from our Sales Expert will help you adapt your presentation to your audience so you get a better response from prospects.
September 1, 2002 in Presentations

Don't Push the Guarantee

Want to offer big promises to customers? It pays to tread carefully.
August 12, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Deciding Whether to Make a Presentation

Before you invest any resources in preparing a sales presentation, use these tips to decide if it's worth it.
August 12, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Higher Power

10 secret weapons that will make you a hands-on leader for your sales team
August 1, 2002 in Tips from Experts

Should You Offer Extra Services or Lower Prices?

How to decide which is better for your business: adding an extra service to your product or lowering the price
July 1, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Speeding up Sales

If you create a process that works, you can repeat that process for quicker sales.
June 10, 2002 in Sales Techniques

What's a Customer Worth in a Lifetime?

Calculating each customer's value will help you determine where to focus your energies.
May 28, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Creating a Chain Reaction of Sales

Don't just focus on finding any old prospect. Find the ones who will lead you to other sales prospects.
May 13, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Believing in What You Sell

Create a sense of purpose throughout your company by building a belief system and sticking to it religiously.
April 29, 2002 in Tips from Experts

8 Strategies of Wise Negotiators

Straight from the mouths of successful CEOs, these strategies will give you the upper hand in any negotiation.
April 1, 2002 in Negotiating

Prospecting From Afar

When you don't have the budget to meet sales prospects in person, how can you still wow them?
April 1, 2002 in Finding Prospects

The 10 Golden Rules of Selling Like a CEO

The simplest rules of selling are right under your nose. All the more reason for you to find out what they are and get to work boosting your selling power.
January 28, 2002 in Sales Techniques

Establishing Rapport With Prospects

There's a time to talk, and there's a time to listen. Don't expect to get the sale if you haven't a clue when to do each.
December 24, 2001 in Finding Prospects