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Vinod "Vin" Gupta


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is a serial entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the world of database creation and sales leads. Vin founded in 2011 and has since helped lead the database and lead generation website to become an Inc. 500 company. InfoFree provides sales leads to small businesses that could not otherwise afford them.

After a childhood spent in India, Vin immigrated to the United States to seek his higher education and went on to start American Business List (later became InfoUSA) in 1972. Over the years, Vin grew the company from a stack of Yellow Pages in his garage, acquired 45 companies, and took the company public in 2008. Despite a run-in with the SEC, Vin has dedicated most of his time since leaving InfoUSA to building InfoFree and continuing his charitable and philanthropic activities.

Vin sits on the Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, DC and endows a number of schools in his native India. Vin received a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering from IIT Kharagpur and both a master’s in engineering and a master’s in business administration from University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

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