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Business Opportunity
Startup Costs
North American Athletic Wear Inc.
Athletic uniforms & awards
Omnitrition Int'l. Inc.
Nutritional & skin-care products, accessories
Personal Touch Products Inc.
Personalized gifts
Pizzas of Eight
RPL Supplies Inc.
Photo novelties
Scoopers Ice Cream
Ice cream stores
Sno Biz Inc.
Shaved ice & frozen desserts
Southern Yankee Bar-B-Q
Portable barbecue concessions
Spa Concepts Inc.
Candles, oil lamps, personal-care products
Specialty Retail Ventures
Seasonal calendar, games, music box, Xmas & puzzle kiosks
Swyrich Corp.
Surname histories, coats of arms, clan tartans
Thrifty Impressions
Custom T-shirts, signs, mugs, gifts
Top Dawg Pet Supply
Pet products
Customizable jewelry
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