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Vacation Time is Stressing Employees Out

Posted by Kara Ohngren Prior | June 17, 2009
vacation-time.jpgWith many companies operating under-staffed during the recession, employees are feeling uneasy about taking time off, according to a recent survey by staffing company Randstad. It's not actually going on vacation that's getting workers down--it's returning to mountains of work.

The Work Watch survey revealed that 77 percent of respondents found the first day back in the office, after returning from a vacation, was the most difficult.

Since a large part of preparing for time off revolves around making sure an employee's roles and responsibilities are being managed, survey participants reported the last day in the office before vacation to be the next most difficult thing about taking time off.

Interestingly, Generation Y employees, more so than any other, seem to find it hard to relinquish their responsibilities while they're away--35 percent of 18 to 34-year-old staffers reported "giving up control of my projects/work/responsibilities" as the most difficult thing about taking vacation time.

What can be done to alleviate some of the stress associated with the first day back in the office after a vacation?  "It's really a matter of organization and priority setting," says Eric Buntin, managing director at Randstad U.S. "Many of today's employees may very well have more on their plates than ever before, but the pressure to pick up right where you left off before vacation is often self-imposed."

Tips to Alleviate Vacation-Related Stress
Other interesting finding from the Work Watch survey: