Global Financial Training Program

Earn up to 15% commissions by making business loans from $25,000 to $3,000,000. Work where you want when you want. Part or full time. Total independence with full support and training. Unlimited need. No ongoing fees. See our e-brochure here!

Business Type: Business Opportunity

Startup Costs: $19,950 - $19,950

Can be operated from home: Yes
Can be run part-time: Yes

Global Financial Training Program

Global Financial Training ProgramGlobal , a nationally recognized finance company with more than 30 years of continuous expertise, has developed the industry's premiere program to put you in the lucrative and prestigious field of commercial finance... the business of lending other businesses the money they need to survive and grow... a service that every business needs.

You will learn how to make a high annual six figure income, by arranging business loans of between $5,000 to more than $500,000,000 while earning commissions of up to 15%.

Global Financial Training Program

Importantly, Global gives you everything you need to get started the minute you leave the training, hot "real time leads of people wanting money", 1,000 downloadable leads, marketing materials, business materials and so much more. Most important, Global provides you with unlimited sources of funding so you can provide solutions to any business financing need .

There has never been a better time to enter this business, your money is never at risk, you get paid upon funding (sometimes within 48 hours of first client contact) and you work where you want , when you want, part or full time.

Global Financial Training Program

  • You will be able to make an unlimited income in the highly prestigious field of commercial finance-lending businesses money they need to survive and grow
  • This is a service that 90% of businesses need today because they are turned down by banks
  • Now is the best possible time in history to get into this business
  • You can work where you want when you want, part or full time
  • There are no geographical boundaries
  • This is not a franchise - There are no ongoing fees or royalties

It's been called "The Best Business In the World"

Commercial finance has been called "the best business in the world", especially now. You will be providing a critical service to businesses who desperately need your product to survive and grow...MONEY!

Never before has the demand for capital amongst businesses been so great.

You will be able to say "YES" while banks are saying "no" to 90% of business loan applicants. You will be able to lend these businesses between $5,000 to more than $500 Million and make up to 15% commissions. Better yet, you can do this several times a month!

You won't have to sell. Your prospects will actually be relieved to have found a solution to their needs...YOU!

This business is the perfect solution to today's "credit crisis". You will never be at financial risk. You won't have inventories. All you need is the ability to listen to other people's needs and clearly communicate them to your "lenders'.

Over a trillion dollars of opportunity!

The commercial finance business provides over a trillion dollars to businesses across America and literally every business in America needs capital to survive and grow. The fact that banks have severely tightened their restrictions is a huge plus for you. You will have access to hundreds of lenders who have continued to thrive making business loans despite these hard economic times. The fact is this is a "Recession proof" business that works in ANY economy. Importantly you will be immediately approved to do business with these leading lenders... a process that normally takes up to 3 years.

Global Financial Training Program

A lifestyle that is unbeatable
Since literally 80% of your business is conducted over the phone or on the internet you have the lowest possible overhead and the greatest degree of "FREEDOM" to work anyplace you want at any time you want. Some graduates literally take many vacations. As long as they have their cell phone with them they are able to make more on a phone call than many people make in a month! This is the kind of lifestyle that most people only dream about.

Making an unlimited income
Six figures is very realistic. You will be able to arrange loans of between $5,000 to over $500,000,000 and make fees of up to 15%. One of our students completed a $115 million dollar loan within 4 years of taking our training. His fee on that one transaction was more than most people make in a year.

But much more important you will be able to provide mid-sized loans that represent "bread and butter" consistent sources of large fees as well as "recurring" loans that continuously result in ongoing "repeat" fees monthly and annually. There are over 20 different types of "core" loans.

Here's a brief list of some of the types of loans that will earn you large fees:
Working Capital Loans Sale Leasebacks Asset Based Financing Bridge Loans Lines of Credit Software Project Development Financing Debt Restructuring Equity Financing Purchase Order Financing

Equipment Leasing
Factoring | SBA Loans
Medical Practice Loans
Working Capital Loans
Sale Leasebacks
Asset Based Financing
Bridge Loans
Lines of Credit
Software Project Development Financing
Debt Restructuring
Equity Financing
Purchase Order Financing
Account Receivables Financing
Franchise Financing
Medical Receivables Financing
Merchant Cash Advances
Stock Loans
Project Financing
Hard Money Loans
All Types of Retail Business Financing
Repossessed Asset Financing
Venture Capital
Business Acquisitions
Hotel Financing

and just about any financing type a business will need

You will be approved with premium lenders that allow you to do business starting from day one.
Your money is never at risk when you loan to businesses. The Lenders assume all the risk and pay you up front. You will be approved with premium lenders to allow you to do business starting from day one. No need for the usual 3 years industry experience or multiple references.

Global Financial Training ProgramThese requirements are waived the minute you get your "certificate of completion". And best of all you are paid when the loan is made. It's your fee and you keep it even if the business defaults on the loan

Global Financial Training Program

Global Financial Training Program

Global has the most comprehensive hands-on experience in the industry-Over 30 Continuous Years. We are proud of the knowledge we are able to share with you and the trust we've gained from our students. Every single month we graduate students who enter this lucrative business. You can see photos of our classes right on our website

  1. Global has Trained More Students Than Any Other Firm.
  2. Global Has Developed A Simple, Easy to Learn Format Presented by the Industry's Leading "Mentor".
  3. Their unique "System" Has The Proven Ability to CLOSE all Size Loans resulting In The Industry's Highest "Loan Completion" success rate
  4. Global's Students Are Automatically Approved With The Best Lenders in the Industry
  5. Global Graduates Are Able To Provide More Types of Loans Than Any Other Firm
  6. Global Provides Everything You Need To Get Started and Succeed including 1,000 active downloadable leads and a system of uncovering thousands more.

Global Financial Training Program

See why we have been financing companies in the commercial finance industry for over 30 CONTINUIOUS UNINTERUPPTED YEARS and have been TRAINING PEOPLE TO ENTER THIS LUCRATIVE FIELD FOR OVER TWELVE YEARS and more important... how this paves the way for your success!

Why now is the best time to act

Banks, despite a cash flow injection of hundreds of billions of dollars from the US government, are NOT lending to 90% of businesses. If it were not for the commercial finance sector which operates outside of the restrictions placed on banks many businesses would not survive. Business people have finally understood the key to survival: Commercial Business Loans. It's no longer "another option" it's "THE Solution".

Global Financial Training Program

Global Financial Training Program

Global Financial Training ProgramSince we provide you with pre-approved lenders in over 30 categories of loans you are able to answer literally any business's need for capital. So how do you find clients?

First, we give you live hot leads of clients that are requesting financing now, 1,000 downloadable leads of more businesses needing money so you can jump feet first into your business contacting potential clients.

More importantly we are in the business of making loans every day. So we constantly develop the latest capabilities and technologies to find clients. These "tried and true" marketing tools are put in your war chest on an ongoing basis. Many people are concerned about cold calling. These techniques do not require cold calling. People will be reaching out to you looking for solutions. All you have to do is let them know you exist and we show you dozens of methods to accomplish this goal. To name just a few:

  • How to get bankers providing you with ongoing sources of leads they simply cannot accommodate
  • How to get leads and have your phone ringing the first week you are in business
  • How to get other professionals like lawyers and accountants to furnish you with referrals
  • How to get equipment vendors to provide you with ongoing repeat business

Even more important, we provide a step by step detailed "game plan" for you to follow from the minute you graduate. By the time you have finished the training you will be better equipped than most people who have spent years in the business.

Our marketing program has been called the absolute "best in the business" .

What is most important for you to understand is that marketing in this business is NOT selling. It's INFORMING. Let's face it. Marketing is probably the most important function of any business and we spend more than a third of our training showing you the many tools you have at your fingertips to rapidly get clients. You will learn:

  • How to leverage the POWER of the Internet to reach thousands of clients.
  • How too "zero in" on your best most profitable clients
  • How to target prospects that you "know" your lenders will approve.
  • How to use both traditional and Web 2.0 methods of attracting businesses and much more.

You will have access to our proprietary complete "Dashboard" of capabilities designed to make your business life simple, direct and effective.

Going Beyond Leads to Closing-You Can Have Your Phones Ringing in the First Day With Qualified Prospects Who You Know Need Money And Are Most Likely To Get Approved

We have proven methods that make lead generation easy and can have your phones ringing immediately. However, knowing how to target a specific kind of lead, how to qualify that lead, how to speak to them and where to spend your time is way more important. We focus on how to turn leads into sales

Global Financial Training Program

We’ve been making loans for 30 years and teaching for over a decade.

Global Financial Training ProgramWe are the strongest company in this industry. We help you close transactions. We review deals with you. We make sure you look good to your lenders so your relationships grow and prosper. We are the source of knowledge for others in the industry and we want to be the source for your knowledge. This capability and our reputation comes from real hard earned commitment.

We have a complete and full time support team that are knowledgeable in every aspect of the business. They literally walk you through transactions whenever you need them. Whether it’s the day you get back from the training or years later - When you are working on your first deals or when you need advice on how to expand your business , when you need to sound like a pro even if you’re just getting started. This all takes REAL experience and commitment. Our knowledge base is constantly updated and you are welcome to take advantage of our webinars and training resources.

  • Are you ready to change your situation?
  • To start earning a high six figure income?
  • To experience the prestige and security of owning your own finance company and being your own boss?

Then fill out the simple form on the right and one of our specialists will contact you for simple direct answers to your questions

This is a relationship business and we are quite certain that a few minutes of direct discussion will prove just how deep that commitment runs. And don't forget... you can learn most everything you need to know to make a life changing decision. Just fill out the form and get the FREE DVD "17 minutes that can change your life"!

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