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Koko FitClub is the world's first digital gym. Franchising opportunities are available nationwide.

Welcome to the first digital gym where we’re using powerful technologies to make it easier for people everywhere to lead healthy, happy lives.

Groundbreaking technology - The Koko Smartraining™ System

Koko FitClub is the exclusive franchisor of the Koko Smartraining™ System--the only system of its kind--with tens of thousands of raving fans across the US…and it's found only at Koko FitClub. Our award-winning, patented Smartraining™ System technology has earned such honors as the Nova7 Award for Outstanding Innovation in Websites and New Technology. As an innovative technology company to the core, we aren't content to rest on our laurels and wait for everyone else to catch up.

Our digital gym offers a sophisticated training system created by fitness experts, built on technology, and designed for results.

  • Strength training to sculpt lean muscle and increase metabolism
  • Interval-based cardio to burn fat and lose weight
  • Research-backed diet plans to fuel your performance 

All guided and tracked for members, and available on-demand.

A digital frontier company
Koko is not the only digital fitness company. The world is full of gadgets that passively monitor body movements and gather physiological data. There are bracelets, armbands, apps, running shoes with embedded chips, and countless other cool devices. Until Koko came along, there was no physical place where you could go for active workouts defined and guided by the most sophisticated digital tools. There was no gym that tracked and analyzed your fitness data in the cloud and made it accessible 24/7 on all devices. Koko is the first and only digital gym.

A superior business model

The business of Koko needs to be just as smart and effective as its technology to ensure Koko reaches as many people as possible. So, we’ve engineered a unique retail model that removes the pain points of traditional retail (fluctuating cost of goods, purchasing, large labor forces, and cash handling) and replaces them with the efficiencies of a software business.

  • Koko. A Digital Gym. gives you an "unfair" market advantagewith no imitators. Differentiating yourself from the competition is one of the most challenging components of any business. With Koko FitClub, it’s easy. Every other gym has essentially the same equipment. Only Koko FitClub offers the technologically-advanced, patented Smartraining™ exercise guidance system and equipment.
  • Koko is a simple, high-margin operation with no purchasing, no inventory management, no seasonality. Once your doors are ready to open, you have all you need to run your business. There is zero inventory to manage, zero weekly purchases, and no perishables at a Koko FitClub. And there is also no cash to handle. With annual memberships, your business runs on convenient monthly EFT transactions, providing a predictable revenue stream every single month.
  • Koko minimizes staffing challenges and expenses. Koko’s use of technology allows you to operate a Koko FitClub with just a single team member on duty. A mature club has, on average, only 70 hours per week of payroll expenses. The Smartraining™ System delivers high-quality personal training to your members, without you having to hire and manage expensive personal trainers. And, with convenient key card access, your members can access your club during off-peak hours or holidays without any staff on duty at all. No hiring headaches. No complex staffing requirements. No more worrying or scrambling to find coverage when someone doesn't show up.
  • Koko delivers a superior customer experience every day, even when you’re not there. Two of the biggest challenges of any franchise are (1) offering a high-value product to your customers and (2) maintaining consistently high service levels, especially when you are not on site. With Koko FitClub, that’s not a problem. Not only is the Koko Smartraining™ System unique to the Koko FitClub franchise, it’s also self service. The Smartraining™ System™ consistently provides world-class exercise instruction, real-time guidance, feedback and powerful results tracking on our members' personal websites.
  • Koko is a streamlined, multi-unit business. Koko FitClubs are simple to operate so you can run multiple units with an ease unmatched in fitness or franchising. And, the power of scale makes the already-attractive business economics even more lucrative. Single or multi-unit development opportunities available nationwide.

Initial requirements
To qualify for the Koko FitClub owner selection process, it requires*
Available liquid capital: $350,000+
Net worth, including real estate: $750,000+

*Koko FitClub is not currently offering franchise opportunities outside of the US or in the states of ND, WI, HI, VA

Getting started

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