Xpresso Delight

At Xpresso Delight we are in the BOOMING Workplace Coffee Business.

Business Type: Franchise

Startup Costs: $65,000 - $90,000

Can be operated from home: Yes
Can be run part-time: Yes


Invest in an Xpresso Delight Franchise and seize the opportunity to profit from one of the fastest growing markets on the planet.
The pent-up demand for gourmet coffee in the workplace is very poorly met. Each day, thousands of workers trek to the nearest café to spend as much as $3 to $4 for their morning coffee. In many cases they might do that for themselves and their workmates half a dozen times every day!
This is a huge market waiting to be tapped. Why would these people repeat this daily trek if they could just walk half-a-dozen steps and get a perfect cup of gourmet coffee in a mere 30 seconds for just a fraction of cafe prices? This is the premise of Xpresso Delight taking quality gourmet coffee into in the heart of the workplace at a fraction of the price that people pay at cafes.

Franchise Opportunities 

Xpresso Delight is a simple business concept that virtually anyone can be successful at.
Specifically we transplant the cafe experience into the workplace. You own a number of fully automated gourmet espresso coffee systems that provide a coffee experience equal to any café, but are located right in the workplace. These coffee systems are given away FREE to businesses who want our incredible service.

Franchisees service the coffee systems weekly and provide all the consumables, everything from the coffee to the cappuccino sprinkle and then simply charge their clients a fraction of the price of local cafes.


  1. An international presence with a committed Franchisor driving the business forward. 

  2. Area Representatives in all States who offer support to all Franchisees locally. 

  3. Over 180 Franchisees internationally. 

  4. Over 2000 coffee systems owned by our Franchisee network.

  5. We currently provide over 13,000 lbs of coffee per month. 

  6. This equates to over 550,000 cups of coffee per month. 

  7. We serve approximately 50,000 individuals per month. 

  8. A multi award winning Franchise system 


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