UBuildIt - A residential construction consulting company

For over 25 years we have been the Nations #1 Construction Consulting Company.

Business Type: Franchise

Startup Costs: $19,500 - $198,100

Can be run part-time: Yes


UBuildIt enables people to build or remodel their own home and to save tens of thousands of dollars while doing so. We change the structure of Construction by teaming the Home Owner and the “Builder” together in all aspects of the project. You will consult with the client on a true cost benefit analysis of all aspects of their project and then throughout the project as relates to quality and problem solving. Less work and a much more rewarding.
(No construction experience is required for some markets.)

Franchise Opportunities

  • Entrepreneur Magazine ranked UBuildIt as a top Franchise 500 - 2001, 2004, 2005, and 2006
  • UBuildIt is celebrating 26 years of service in 2014. 44 franchises currently


Build on the energy of the HGTV, Lowes’ Home Depot ads, This Old House and others that constantly encourage people to ‘do it themselves’. The Owner Builder Market is booming as people seek greater control and lower pricing – they just need someone to provide the experience and contacts. That’s U ! You can do up to ten times more projects in the same amount of hours per week. You will have more freedom, higher income and less liability. UBuildIt franchisees often comment on the improved working relationships with their clients and the joy they get at seeing the completed product and the quality and savings that they have provided!


My UBuildIt franchise is a complementary business to my custom home business. It gives me a competitive edge by having a wider product offering. I have seen the growing market in the owner builder space and UBuildIt has the best program, by far. I routinely shift custom home prospects over to UBuildIt. I don't have to try and make them fit my custom home business model. What has been the most surprising is the kinds of clients UBuildIt attracts and the kinds of homes we help them build. Take a look at the pictures on the UBuildIt website for my office. They speak for themselves. I welcome additional franchisees in the Houston area. I have seen what the San Antonio offices have done and with a couple more in Houston we could do the same or better." Mark Jeffrey/ owner UBuildIt - Houston Galleria

"UBuildIt has offered me the flexibility, earning power and pride of small business ownership while also allowing me exclusivity of helping want-to-be owner/builders. In other words, my business is unique and not like every other builder out there, thereby allowing UBuildIt to serve a niche clientele." Robert Raditz/owner UBuildIt-Greenville SC

"UBuildIt is about Owner Control, Cost Savings, and Happy Results. By working with our Clients without the burdensome Builder's Mark-Ups, everything about construction equals to positive relationships and a far more enjoyable experience for everyone. UBuildIt is a great track to run on!" Ken Peterson/owner UBuildIt-Seattle WA

"UBuildIt has allowed me to refine my number one priority in building homes to give my client the house they want for the best possible price. I find that the builder/client relationship improves exponentially as the contractor earns the clients trust and saves them money. As such, the UBuildIt concept as enabled me to build unparalleled relationships with my clients.Together, we are able to empower our customer and to openly share the realities of the construction process; easing their concerns of rogue subcontractors and building their confidence all along the way." Scott & Melissa Horsak/owners UBuildIt-Temple Temple, TX

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