Tradewind Settlements

Master Territory Developer opportunity; we assist Senior citizens in obtaining large dollar amounts for no-longer-needed insurance policies.

Business Type: Business Opportunity

Startup Costs: $14,950 - $26,950

Can be operated from home: Yes
Can be run part-time: Yes

One transaction paid $275,000 in commission…

Tradewind Settlements, with its partners, has processed over $500 MILLION in Life Settlement transactions in recent years and we’re just getting started. We are actively in the process of awarding additional protected territories and bringing in new Master Territory Developers.

What is a Life Settlement?

First of all, it’s not life insurance sales. It’s a situation in which seniors sell their life insurance policies that they already own for a lot more money than they ever imagined, so they can use the money to have a better retirement.

Why would a senior sell their life insurance policy?

Some policies are no longer needed or are too costly for a senior to keep paying each month. What is a senior to do? The life insurance company will give the senior at most the minimum amount they can legally get away with, but a Life Settlement can pay a senior many times more, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars more. We train our Master Territory Developers to process policies within a protected territory and throughout the state.

The policy is then bought by our team of institutional and licensed investors, which includes banks, hedge funds and pension funds. Hundreds of millions of dollars are available now to buy as many qualified policies as our Master Territory Developers and their agents and reps can process. Each accepted policy pays our Master Territory Developer a substantial commission..

Extraordinary earnings potential

Our Master Territory Developers have the opportunity to produce extraordinarily high earnings. In fact, our business likely has the highest potential income- to- investment ratio of any business in the franchise/business opportunity world. One of our newest Master Territory Developers has already submitted in excess of $35 million in face amount in just a few weeks. Commissions on these transactions can amount to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! 

NOTE: For a limited time, qualified applicants can enter the program with a minimum of $14,950 to secure a territory and become qualified for this business. Total investment: $26,950, with balance paid from future commissions (or $24,950 for one-time payment).

Training is concise, comprehensive and ongoing. Funds to purchase the policies are unlimited, due to our relationship with institutional finance firms.

What is changing regarding Life Settlements?

Many states are lining up with legislation that promotes awareness of Life Settlements as a viable financial option for seniors. State and federal agencies are beginning to suggest Life Settlements as an option to fund such needs as long term care. Even Medicare rules are being changed to provide for Life Settlement transactions. And, in some instances, insurance companies are being required to notify senior policyholders about Life Settlements.

What are the advantages of the Tradewind Master Territory Developer business?

1. Many retain their present job or business and start part-time.
2. No retail store front, no long term lease obligations, no employees to manage, no fancy offices are required. Working         from home is satisfactory.
3. Access a third-party referral marketing system, while working with independent reps.
4. Minimum finances required to start: $14,950.

What qualities must you have?

You must have good communication skills and be able to relate very well to seniors and professionals. Additionally, a strong business ethic is required. This is not insurance sales, so a background in insurance is not necessary or required. We seek dedicated and compassionate individuals in our application process. Our Master Territory Developers are folks who are looking to make a change to a six-figure income stream, while providing a valuable service.

Approved Master Territory Developers receive a large protected territory, complete training, all materials and forms, proprietary software, continual live support and an untapped demographic market that is growing by the millions waiting for this service. In fact, the FIRST transaction may recapture the investment, and much more.


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